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Roman Mimi - First Of The Brooklyn Cowgirls (2CD) (CD)


A door would open up and I would just go through it, and I just kept doing that for all my life.” – Mimi Roman ”A door would open and I would just go through it….” That is how Mimi Roman, at 87, tells us of her life, including her time as a successful country singer in the 1950s and early 60s. But it took talent and a strong, beautifully distinctive voice for those doors to open, and to go far once on the other side. It also took guts and plenty of stamina for a 20-year-old Jewish cowgirl from Brooklyn in the 1950s to make her way to country music fame, albeit too briefly, before taking herself out of the game at the ripe old age of 28. Although many country stars from the 50s and 60s have long faded into obscurity, Mimi Roman, for more than 60 years, has gently persisted in the hearts and minds of pure country, honky-tonk, and rockabilly fans around the world. But what makes Mimi different from many country stars from that ”Golden Age” who now reside somewhere in anonymity? For many, the answer will be found in this special double album, The First Of The Brooklyn Cowgirls, which features newly released and restored personal acetates, publishing demos and radio and television transcriptions recorded during Mimi Roman’s career. Mimi’s story, like her voice, is remarkable. – Joe Hopkins (music historian) First Of The Brooklyn Cowgirls almost exclusively features unissued material. The double LP is sourced from one of a kind reels and acetates taken from Mimi’s personal collection. These tracks are almost as rare as a Jewish girl from Brooklyn singing country music in the ’50s & ’60s!

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Tuottaja Sundazed Music Inc.
Vuosi 2022

1 Introducing Mimi
2 Weary Blues from Waitin’ (Hank Williams)
3 Announcing the Winner
4 Honky Tonk Blues (Hank Williams)
5 Hank Williams Medley (Hank Williams)
6 Never Ramble, Never Gamble, Never Roam (Allen-Patton-Eager)
7 I’m the One Who Loves You (Stuart Hamblen)
8 I’m Lookin’ for Some Lovin’ (Clay Eager)
9 Comes from Brooklyn
10 Wrap It Up and Save It W/Intro and Outro (Al Blasingame)
11 Route 66 (Bobby Troup)
12 Weary Blues from Waitin (Hank Williams)
13 My Tears Are Beginning to Show (Carol Bass)
14 Rocky Road Blues (Bill Monroe)
15 The Wind Up (Dave Coleman)
16 Gotta Have My Baby Back (Floyd Tillman)
17 You Win Again (Hank Williams)
18 Born in East Virginia (Traditional)
19 Four Foot Deep in Tear Drops
20 Rose Colored Glasses
21 He’s My Marathon Man
22 Twenty-One
23 You Mean All the World to Me
24 I’m Not a Child Any More
25 Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
26 I Gotta Know (Paul Evans)
27 Dark Is the Night
28 Seasons of My Heart (Darrell Edwards-George Jones)
29 What Am I Worth (Darrell Edwards-George Jones)
30 Dix-A-Billy (Evans-Harris-Reardon)
31 You’re the One
32 Isle of Golden Dreams (Walter Blaufuss-Gus Kahn)
33 The Way the Wind Blows
34 Fire in My Soul
35 There’s No Holdin` You (CD only track)

Roman Mimi

  • Roman Mimi - First Of The Brooklyn Cowgirls (2LP) (LP)

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