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Flaming Stars - Sunset & Void (LP)


THE FLAMING STARS are a garage band. That’s garage as in loud guitars, valve amps, cheap electric organ and trashcan drums. They play live in the studio, live on the radio and live on stage. Formed in December 1994, they have regularly filled venues such as The Garage, and the LA2, and venues around the country, as well as playing sell-out tours around Europe and in Japan.

Always prolific, in 2001 THE FLAMING STARS released the critically acclaimed album ’A Walk On The Wired Side’, and two singles ’You Don’t Always Want What You Get/Only Tonight’ (double A-side), and ’Some Things You Don’t Forget’, as well as an album and 7 single in the US on Alternative Tentacles. This year has already seen the release of a 7 ” single ’A Little Bit Like You’, taken from their new album and their 7th John Peel session on Radio One. Favourites of multi-million selling Japanese band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, THE FLAMING STARS have dates planned for the summer in Germany, Holland, France, Greece and the US, with a London Borderline appearance in October. Phew!!

Vinyl Japan present the new album ’Sunset and Void’. From the after-dark sophistication of the last album ’A Walk On The Wired Side, THE FLAMING STARS’ have returned to the deep-down sleaze ’n’ roll which is their trademark. Thus this album represents the next chapter in the STAR’ career, that will keep fans trembling with anticipation with every spine-quivering twang. If you get a chance to see them, they come highly recommended live as well as on record. If no, turn the lights down low, take a swig of Jack Daniels from the bottle, then sit back, close your eyes and enjoy THE FLAMING STARS.”

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  • 1. A Little Bit Like You
  • 2. Cash 22
  • 3. Baby Steps
  • 4. Mansion House Blues
  • 5. Sands, Flamingo, Desert Inn
  • 6. Midnight Train
  • 7. Sunset And Void
  • 8. House Of The Setting Sun
  • 9. Killjoy
  • 10. Mexican Roulette
  • 11. The Waiting Game
  • 12. Five For The Road
  • 13. Killer In The Rain
  • 14. The Long Walk Home
  • 15. Night Must Fall

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