Freddie Fingers Lee - I Am A Nut (CD)

Freddie Fingers Lee - I Am A Nut (CD)


2 levyä yhdellä cd:llä. Freddie Fingers Lee started out as a guitar player in the 50’s with different skiffle bands. After hearing Jerry Lee Lewis on the radio, he resolved to make the piano his instrument. With his band he moved to Hamburg. At that time Hamburg was the place to be – just remember The Beatles and all the big names of these days were passing through Hamburg. In the early 70’s in the UK a sort of a R’n’R revival came about and Freddie moved back to England. He was a sort of an English answer to Jerry Lee Lewis. All promoters wanted him to put him on the bill. Over the years, Freddie has built up an own stage act. He toured all over Europe and still dies. Freddie Fingers Lee has made many Radio and TV show like Jack Good’s ’Oh Boy’. When Bill Haley came to the UK, Freddie was the first to meet him personally. In 1995, Freddie Fingers Lee went on tour with Bill Haley’s band, The Comets, throughout Europe, including Belgium (which he visited a couple of times). Freddie Fingers Lee is raw, flamboyant, exciting, colourful, brash and humorous. He writes his own songs with own humour and style. On his live gigs, he wears a cowboy hat and a eyepatch (he has only one eye). That’s why they call him ’The one-eyed boogie boy’. Attacking the piano with his feet and other parts of the body, using a paintroller, standing on his head while playing the 88’s, Freddie Fingers Lee is a stage act ’no-one could follow’.

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  • 1. One-eyed boogie boy
  • 2. I'm down
  • 3. Come back baby
  • 4. It's hard to lie to you
  • 5. I'm gonna move
  • 6. Dib dab boogie
  • 7. I don't want your rockin' love
  • 8. I'm rollin' home
  • 9. I'll come back
  • 10. You paid to ride
  • 11. Trying to get to Memphis
  • 12. Rock all night
  • 13. Pondering and wandering
  • 14. Rockin' at my house
  • 15. I'm a nut
  • 16. Two boiled eggs
  • 17. Boogie woogie Fred
  • 18. Brek up
  • 19. So long
  • 20. Red hot and blue
  • 21. Rocket 88
  • 22. Howay the lads
  • 23. Roller coaster
  • 24. I'll be waiting
  • 25. We're rockin'
  • 26. Run down feelin' blue

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