Fury Billy - Wondrous Place – The Brits Are Rocking Vol.2 (CD)

Fury Billy - Wondrous Place – The Brits Are Rocking Vol.2 (CD)


1-CD with 36-page booklet, 34 tracks. Total playing time 73:46 minutes.
Spotlight on Billy Fury, one of Britains most successful pop acts of the 1960s.
When you think of Billy Fury, you first think of his great ballads like Halfway To Paradise and Jealousy.
Bear Family goes beyond the usual ’Best Of’ compilations and presents an extensive documentary of his career in the 50s and 60s.
Decca recordings made between 1958 and 1964, incl. eight masters from the iconic ’The Sound Of Fury’ album, a Keith Richards favorite.
With 34 single tracks of remastered recordings we provide a CD full to the brim. In the illustrated 36-page booklet Ashley Woods tells Billy Fury’s story.
Part 2 in our series presenting British Rock ’n’ Roll (see also BCD17581 by Tommy Steele).
Billy Fury (1940 – 1983) was one of the most successful British chart acts of the 1960s with only Cliff Richard, The Shadows and The Beatles spending more weeks in the UK Top 50 during that decade. Chiefly remembered for “moody beat ballads” such as Halfway To Paradise and Jealousy, it is easy to forget that his first 18 months on the Decca label were spent recording almost exclusively original material culminating in ’The Sound Of Fury’, described by Keith Richards in 1971 as “one fantastic album. Songs he’d written, like people do now, he got some people he knew to play together and did it.” 

However, despite a relentless concert schedule and regular promotion via television shows such as Jack Good’s pioneering ’Oh Boy!’, ’Boy Meets Girls’ and ’Wham!!’, Billy’s releases weren’t the smash hits they deserved to be and demand for higher chart placings led to a record company and management instigated shift in musical policy. While that change certainly reaped sales dividends and made him a household name, Fury’s career as a songwriter was effectively put on hold.

Grey area releases usually focus on the well-known hits but this Bear Family compilation, licensed from Decca / Universal, spotlights sixteen Fury compositions (including eight tracks from that classic debut LP) alongside many lesser known tracks from his extensive 1958 to 1964 catalogue with a slant towards the kind of upbeat material he was often accused of abandoning. A worthy companion piece to any Fury ’Greatest Hits’ set, this collection helps provide a more rounded view of Billy’s strengths as an artist and presents the listener with a different spin on the sound of Fury.

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  1. Gonna Type A Letter
  2. Baby How I Cried
  3. Comin' Up In The World
  4. Wondrous Place
  5. Don't Leave Me This Way
  6. Colette
  7. Keep Away
  8. Running Around
  9. Bumble Bee
  10. Nothin' Shakin' (But The Leaves On A Tree)
  11. My Advice
  12. Don't Say It's Over
  13. Unchain My Heart
  14. Sticks And Stones
  15. Twist Kid
  16. Push Push
  17. Baby Come On
  18. What Did I Do
  19. If I Lose You
  20. One Kiss
  21. Play It Cool
  22. Sweet Little Sixteen
  23. Don't Knock Upon My Door
  24. That's Love
  25. Don't Jump
  26. Tell Me How Do You Feel
  27. Talkin' In My Sleep
  28. I'd Never Find Another You
  29. I'm Moving On
  30. It's You I Need
  31. Phone Call
  32. Turn My Back On You
  33. Alright, Goodbye
  34. You're Having The Last Dance With Me

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