Raymen - Garbaged Littered & Totally Destroyed (Käytetty CD)

Raymen - Garbaged Littered & Totally Destroyed (Käytetty CD)


Ennenjulkaisematonta matskua v. 1984-1999. Rankkaa roketti-rollia, jossa vaikutteita niin bluesista kuin kantristakin.

Music driving you to shake,sweat and swill. But then the lyrics, like the Ramones tongue in cheek, but here it’s the Raymen’s tongue in America’s bloated and forgotten cheek. Like some intergalactic snoop on what American music is really about – and the Raymen get us better than we do ourselves. Hey, I’m stuck in the Midwest American darkness and I know the Raymen’s music is tapping onto the collective genetic past of American music because it’s been drilling 1/2 holes in my head for 10+.

     Since ’83 The Raymen have been spearing the essence of Bo Diddley, Hank Williams, Link Wray and Howlin’ Wolf in the guise of punk-a-billy rock-a-billy na na in a way that taps directly into every boho rebel dream cryin’ out in the night. This isn’t pretend scary Rock-a-billy style crap all duded up, this is the rhythm and blast that made every oversexed and powered run from confusion in the American juvenile delinquent hormonal nightscape that originally found voice in Punk and Rock-n-roll. The Raymen understand us better than any funky spoonfed Hollywood film angst (sorry James D) or pretend voodoo (sorry rev. heater) This is the goods.

     Starting in ’81 as the Garage Groupies in their protoplasmic atomic diaperness, Hank Ray (get that major nod to icons Hank Williams and Link Wray) and Martin Toulouse and R.Tessmer started to feel their vision and tested their way through earth’s music. In ’83 The Raymen emerged, fully testifying the vision and bringing the world America’s forgotten musical essence. No slavish style bull but the real core of what made CW and Blues and Soul and Punk-n-roll the collective bleating heart of our souls. Radio telescopes caught it and set it down and the vision started to subvert from within. I caught the testament and it has been the nitroglycerine to every twanged and reverb-ed dream I’ve had since. Whacked out as hell to our ears because we never really understood it before and didn’t know the power that His Holiness Holy Roller Hank understood (he being the inspiration, the core and voice). But the beams still come through the ether, 3 albums and 6 CDs and countless other subversions-and yet straight and true.

     And so the vision spreads, because you are holding one new testament. I’m speechless and cleansed by this devil music. Diabolic only because it is true.”

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  • 1. Saturn doll
  • 2. Touch of black magic
  • 3. Psycho
  • 4. Goo goo muck
  • 5. Drive my rocket
  • 6. Bad motor psycho
  • 7. Drunk driver
  • 8. White witchdoctor
  • 9. Man from Mars
  • 10. Voodoo woman
  • 11. Wipe out
  • 12. Go Bo Diddley
  • 13. Kill kill kill! For the King of Rock 'n' Roll
  • 14. Civilised world
  • 15. Highway to your soul
  • 16. Just dropped in
  • 17. Cold blue flame of love
  • 18. Poison river
  • 19. Pre-teen high priestess
  • 20. The hand with a will of its own 21.Cool cool rain
  • 22. Jezebel
  • 23. Helldorado burnin'
  • 24. Ghost memories

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