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La Perra Blanco - Get It Out (LP)


Loistava uutukainen! Sounds great !

La Perra Blanco, known as the new Queen of Rockabilly (as mentioned by the British magazine “Rock’n’roll U.K Magazine”), is revolutionizing the musical rock’n’roll scene in Spain and Europe.
Alba Blanco is breaking the rules in a male-dominated world, playing the guitar and singing with a rage and energy akin to the Hiroshima Bomb. She jumps and bounces across the stage, backed by the wildest double bassist (Guillermo Gonzalez del Campo), and a great drummer (Jesús López Benitez) that will make you dance until you fall to the ground.

This band is currently the most sought-after rock’n’roll band in Spain, bringing root music like rock’n’roll, blues, and country to a contemporary stage, performing for all kinds of audiences. La Perra Blanco knows no limits and is gaining more fame, bringing root music to younger generations.


Voz y guitarras: Alba Blanco Sánchez
Batería: Jesús López Benitez
Contrabajo: Guillermo González del Campo

7 varastossa (voidaan jälkitoimittaa)

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Tuotekoodi FOLC217CD
Tuottaja Fold Records
Vuosi 2024

1 Treat Me (Like a Man Should Do) 3:23
2 Came Back Home 2:08
3 Dream about 2:41
4 So Blue and So Sad 2:21
5 Don’t Break My Heart 2:49
6 Why Don’t You Love Me 2:39
7 Get It Out 2:40
8 New Lover New Sweetheart 1:55
9 Down and Bound 2:28
10 Sitting Here 2:57
11 I Got Cats 1:53
12 Starry Night 0:57

La Perra Blanco

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