Nick Moss Band - Get Your Back Into It (CD)

Nick Moss Band - Get Your Back Into It (CD)


Todella kova uutuus albumi! Vuoden kovimpia blues kiekkoja!

Get Your Back Into It features 14 original songs inspired by the electrifying blues sounds of 1940s through 1960s, and performed with taste, sly humor and pure joy. From locomotive shuffles to deep, slow blues, Moss shines with a Willie Dixon-like ability to write and sing the blues’ honest truth.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
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Tuottaja Alligator Records
Vuosi 2023

1 The Bait in the Snare
2 Aurelie
3 Get Your Back Into It
4 Man on the Move
5 Living in Heartache
6 It Shocks Me Out
7 Out of the Woods
8 Choose Wisely
9 Your Bark Is Worse Than Your Bite
10 Losing Ground
11 Bones’ Cantina
12 Lonely Fool
13 The Solution
14 Scratch ’N’ Sniff

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