Gibson Don - Best Of The Hickory Records Years (1970-1978) (CD)

Gibson Don - Best Of The Hickory Records Years (1970-1978) (CD)


After spending the ’50s and ’60s on RCA, Columbia and MGM-and quitting drugs and alcohol-Don was ready for a new start, and found it on the Hickory label. Here are 20 key moments from this country legend’s second act: his hits ”Don’t Take All Your Loving,” ”Guess Away the Blues,” ”Far Far Away,” ”Is This the Best I’m Gonna Feel,” ”Bring Back Your Love to Me,” ”I’m All Wrapped Up in You” and more! Omnivore.

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1     Games People Play     
2     Don't Take All Your Loving     
3     Pretending Everyday     
4     A Perfect Mountain     
5     Guess Away The Blues     
6     Having Second Thoughts     
7     (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle     
8     Country Green     
9     Far Far Away     
10     Woman (Sensuous Woman)     
11     Is This The Best I'm Gonna Feel     
12     If You're Goin' Girl     
13     Touch The Morning     
14     Snap Your Fingers     
15     One Day At A Time     
16     Bring Back Your Love To Me     
17     I'll Sing For You     
18     There She Goes (I Wish Her Well)     
19     What's Happened To Me     
20     Praying Hands     
21     I'm All Wrapped Up In You     
22     If You Ever Get To Houston (Look Me Down)     
23     Starting All Over Again     
24     The Fool     
25     Any Day Now

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