Lustre Kings - Go Green (LP)

Lustre Kings - Go Green (LP)


 With a punchy upright slap from the doghouse, Albany road dogs The Lustre Kings launch into a 14-track killer crosscut of American rockabilly on ”Go Green with the Lustre Kings.” And this is a pure as it gets, folks. In many instances, rockabilly has been regulated as a spice, an afterthought, a detour for Americana artist who wanna fill dance floors. But ladies and gentlemen, The Lustre Kings are 100 percent rockabilly and there ain’t room for much else.

The tall man with the snowy roof Mark Gamsjager leads the charge with a reedy vocal twang and a big bad guitar (his version of ”Sleepwalk” makes me cry every time) comin’ at you though vintage tube and tweed. The whole band, plus assorted guests, is lint-and-spare-change-deep in the pocket. I dare you to sit still with this record on the hi fi.

”Go Green” is a nice selection of covers (Big Joe Turner, The Rockats) and Lustre King gems that will go nicely plugged in the dash as you’re driving with no particular place to go.

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1.50 Miles From Nowhere (1000 Miles From Home) 03:10
2.It Ain't Right 02:59
3.Wrong Wrong Wrong 02:34
4.Can't Find The Door Knob 02:11
5.Don't Let Go 02:50
6.Fallin' 02:46
7.First Train Heading South 02:40
8.I'm Through 02:16
9.Ain't It Wrong (When You Don't Do Right) 02:27
10.Sleepwalk 03:26
11.Try Me 02:26
12.Boogie Woogie Country Girl 03:20
13.You Don't Know My Mind 02:57
14.You're the Boss 02:49

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