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Fanatic IV - Go Where The Action Is EP (Colored) (7 single/EP)


The Fanatic IV? Think no speed limits, no seat belts and definitely no brakes- just tons of energy and loads of reverb. Imagine frat rock at its moronic peak in 1963 mixed with heartfelt rock’n’roll melodramas. Picture the time when Fender amps were the loudest thing in town and everybody was doing the twist. Remember- how ever- to forget all the nostalgia crap. The Fanatic IV is about playing reckless rock’n’roll tunes loud and fast and right NOW!!. These guys are not ashamed to admit they worship at the altar of gods of teen beat. The Fanatic four regards Bobby Fuller, The Trashmen, Gino Washington, The Rivieras, Ronnie Hawkins, Arthur Alexander, The Kingsmen, The Burnette Brothers, The Astronauts and Link Wray as the lighthouses amidst the darkness of our times. You have seen these well seasoned big beat aficionados before in groups such as Mike Bell & The Belltones, The Hypnomen, Rockin 8-Balls and The Silver Bullets. They have already caused quite a havoc on the finnish rockabilly and hot rod scene. The time has come to let the rest of the civilization end up in ruins.

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Side A
1. Go Where The Action Is
2. Trapster

Side B
1. Ramblin' Man
2. Iresistible You

Fanatic IV