Various - Golden Crest Instrumentals (CD)

Various - Golden Crest Instrumentals (CD)



by John Broven

Golden Crest Records of New York became interested in the teen instrumental sound following the Wailers’ Tall Cool One Top 40 hit for the label in spring 1959. In the hope of repeating this success, Golden Crest boss Clark Galehouse released a constant stream of sax-guitar led instrumentals with hip titles and snappy hook lines on the Golden Crest and Shelley labels over the next five years.

The Wailers were such a large part of the Golden Crest instrumental story that it is right that they are the featured artists here. All told there are six tracks from the inspirational group from the North West, including the frantic single, Wailin’ and the abbreviated reissue 45 version of the second hit, Mau-Mau. Four of the cuts come from the accomplished previously unissued 1958 debut session (which led to the Golden Crest contract). The highlights are the two prototype versions of Tall Cool One, originally called Scotch On The Rocks but with the hard liquor association, wisely changed the title before the release of the single. Unlike the hit single, these cuts are embellished by ’cork popping and ice tumbling’ introductions.

There were no more hits, which explains why many of the Golden Crest records are known only to the most ardent collector. There were strong 45s by Lord Dent & the Invaders, the Mad Plaids (both from the North West, too), Rhythm Rockers, Paul & the Four-Most, the Hitch-Hikers and Sterly Singleton & the Rocking Dukes. Special mention must be made of the previously unissued James Brown-type workouts by Golden Crest producer Little Jerry Williams (later known famously as Swamp Dogg), The Alamo by Bob Hood & the Rhythmaires, Wipe Out by top session guitarist Billy Mure and an astonishing version of Mozart’s Minuet by Teddy Tyle & the Jim-Dandies.

This generous 30-track selection will attract the attention of instrumental and rock’n’roll fans alike. A worthy addition to our other releases from the Golden Crest stable by the Wailers (CDCHD 675) and Mando & the Chili Peppers (CDCHD 684).

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  • 1. The Wailers - Wailin'
  • 2. The Wailers - Scotch On The Rocks (aka Tall Cool One)
  • 3. Lord Dent And His Invaders - Wolf Call
  • 4. The Mad Plaids - Blood Rare
  • 5. Bob Hood and the Rhythmaires - The Alamo
  • 6. Billy and Gary Mure - Wipe Out
  • 7. Gino with Johnny Greek - Hand Clappin' Time
  • 8. Paul and the Four-Most - Tight Spot
  • 9. Baby Sticks and the Kingtones - Pigmy
  • 10. The Rhythm Rockers - Terock
  • 11. The Rhythm Rockers - The Slide
  • 12. Sterly Singleton and the Rocking Dukes - Little Daddy
  • 13. Little Jerry Williams (Swamp Dogg) - Jerry's Monkey
  • 14. The Bandidos - Bandido
  • 15. The Wailers - Snake Pit
  • 16. The Wailers - High Wall
  • 17. Paul and the Four-Most - Cut Out
  • 18. The Hitch-Hikers - Dog Fight (Part II)
  • 19. Lord Dent and the Invaders - The Greaser
  • 20. The Mad Plaids - Cool It
  • 21. Teddy Tyle and the Jim-Dandies - Minuet
  • 22. Cy Seymour and Group - Margie
  • 23. Big Bob Dougherty and His Band - Squeezer
  • 24. Sterly Singleton and the Rocking Dukes - Cross Current
  • 25. Little Jerry Williams (Swamp Dogg) - Miami Dreams
  • 26. The Bandidos - Ape Walk
  • 27. Paul and the Four-Most - Fried Onions
  • 28. Mando and the Chili Peppers - Congo Mombo
  • 29. The Wailers - Mau-Mau
  • 30. The Wailers - Scotch On The Rocks (aka Tall Cool One - Hey Cumba version)

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