Gordon Robert & Chris Spedding - Tear Up The House (CD)

Gordon Robert & Chris Spedding - Tear Up The House (CD)


The Ultimate Robert Gordon / Chris Spedding Live Collection.

2 CDS / 30 Performances spanning over 40 years – ’78, ’80, ’85 & ’15 – Boston, New York, Los Angeles. Together, Gordon and Spedding were an unstoppable combination.

TEAR UP THE HOUSE underscores just how powerful Robert’s pipes were and continue to be as he rips through a slew of early Elvis classics as well as Conway Twitty’s dramatic ballad ’It’s Only Make Believe,’ Charkie Rich’s ’Lonely Weekends,’ Johnny Kidd & the Pirates’ ’Shakin’ All Over,’ and Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones’ ’Black Slacks. ’

The duo served them all up night after night for their faithful followers without any hint of irony or nostalgia intruding on their attack, rendering each number as fresh and entrancing as if it had been penned just for them the week before.

Robert Gordon and Chris Spedding knew where the roots of rock and roll resided from the moment they first got together and celebrated them every time they hit the stage.

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    1- Beside You
    2- Mess of Blues
    3- Don't Be Cruel
    4- Heart Like a Rock
    5- I Beg of You
    6- Don't Leave Me Now
    7- The Way I Walk
    8- Young and Beautiful / Wanderer
    9- Rock Therapy
    10- I Love An Angel
    11 -Devil in Disguise
    12 -Little Sister
    13 -Red Hot
    1- Lonely Weekend
    2- The Way I Walk
    3- Hello Walls
    4- Walk on By
    5- Little Sister
    6- Shakin' All Over
    7- Motor Bikin'
    8- Black Slacks
    9- I'm Left, You're Right, She's Gone
    10- Suspicion
    1-1 Rockbilly Boogie
    12- Black Slacks
    13- Mystery Train
    14- Twenty Flight Rock
    15- I Forgot to Remember to Forget
    16- It's Only Make Believe

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