Gracie Charlie - Angel on My Shoulder (CD)

Gracie Charlie - Angel on My Shoulder (CD)


This is the third album that Charlie Gracie and producer Quentin Jones have collaborated on and like the previous two this one is packed with great music. This time Gracie showcases his rock and roll roots, his rockabilly heritage, and his country gospel background. There are new rockers like ’Man and Wife’ and bonus tracks ’I m All Right’, ’Lover Boy’, and a fantastic duet with Graham Nash, ’A Little Too Soon To Tell’ a few updates of rockers like Gracie’s own ’Cool Baby’ now recorded with a more traditional rockabilly feel, and some fantastic country gospel tunes that would make anyone’s feet tap and hands clap! This is the real deal and recorded by real musicians, playing real instruments, in a real studio. Show stoppers include the Dee Dee Sharp and Gracie duet ’Just a Closer Walk’ and new originals penned by Gracie and the Lanark songwriting staff!

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1.Man and Wife
2.Just a Closer Walk with Thee
3.Jesus Told Me
4.Sea Cruz
5.Angel on My Shoulder
6.Cool Baby
7.Thank You Jesus
8.A Simple Song
9.You Talk Too Much
10.Forgive Me
11.A Little Too Soon to Tell
12.I'm All Right
13.Lover Boy

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