Grayzell Rudy - Let`s Get Wild (CD)

Grayzell Rudy - Let`s Get Wild (CD)


”VIHDOINKIN KUNNON CD TÄLTÄ YHDELTÄ KOVIMMISTA ROCKABILLY MIEHISTÄ! 32 tracks in digi-pac. Don’t you mess with my ducktail… That was Rudy Grayzell’s hit song. But his story is longer… and stranger… than anyone knew. His first record, Looking At The Moon AndWishing On A Star, was a big hit in 1953, and one year later he recorded the first cover version of Hearts Of Stone. After that, he joined the legendary Starday label to record Duck Tail , Let’s GetWild, and several other classics. And then he was on the legendary Sun label for one single. In the interviews accompanying this set, Rudy talks about performing Duck Tail naked in a graveyard for several drunken women, and talks about his many marriages, his brushes with Elvis Presley (Elvis gave him the nickname Rudy Tutti), making love to a woman during a tornado, playing with Doug Sahm when Sahm was nine years old, and much else. Among his other accomplishments, Rudy was the first Hispanic rock’n’roller; he was born Rudolfo Jiminez in south Texas.

This set includes his complete recordings for Abbott, Capitol Starday, Sun, and Award. Includes the previously unissued complete version of Let’s Get Wild, plus four other unreleased recordings. Includes the original hit version of Duck Tail… now a rockabilly classic! Rudy’s story is told in extensive liner notes.

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  • 1. Let's Get Wild (complete version)
  • 2. I Love You So
  • 3. You're Gone
  • 4. Duck Tail
  • 5. Jag-Ga-Lee-Ga
  • 6. You Hurt Me So
  • 7. Please Big Mama
  • 8. Yes Daddy Yes
  • 9. There's Gonna Be A Ball
  • 10. You Better Believe It
  • 11. Ca-razy!
  • 12. My Spirit is Willing
  • 13. Hearts Made Of Stone
  • 14. Be Mine Forever
  • 15. Judy (2)
  • 16. Remember When
  • 17. Judy (3)
  • 18. I Won't Be The Fool
  • 19. Judy (master)
  • 20. I Think Of You
  • 21. You'll Be Mine
  • 22. It Ain't My Baby (And I Ain't Gonna Rock It)
  • 23. The Moon Is Up (The Stars Are Out)
  • 24. Ocean Paradise
  • 25. Bonita Chiquita
  • 26. I'm Gone Again
  • 27. The Heart That Once Was Mine
  • 28. Looking At The Moon And Wishing On A Star
  • 29. Day By Day
  • 30. Should I Ever Love Again
  • 31. Jag-Ga-Lee-Ga (alt)
  • 32. F.B.I. Story

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