Williams Hank - Greatest Hits Live Vol 2 (CD)

Williams Hank - Greatest Hits Live Vol 2 (CD)


Lisää Live matskua ja osa ennenjulkaisematonta! This set collects three songs recorded at a concert Williams did on a Sunday afternoon at Sunset Park in West Grove, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1952, less than six months before his death, as well as a version of Lovesick Blues” from a show a few months earlier in Niagara Falls, New York, and rounds things out with two songs Williams performed for a 1949 patent medicine-sponsored radio show, and four songs from various radio broadcasts Williams did in 1951. Williams’ too-brief career was near its end just as the era of live-to-tape concert, radio, and television shows was beginning to take hold, and we’re lucky to have these Williams performances preserved, even if only a handful survived into the 21st century. ~ Steve Leggett, Rovi”

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  • 1. Lovesick Blues - 3:43
  • 2. Jambalaya - 3:45
  • 3. Long Gone Lonesome Blues - 3:21
  • 4. I Saw the Light - 3:24
  • 5. I'm a Long Gone Daddy - 2:42
  • 6. Softly and Tenderly - 3:52
  • 7. I Can't Get You Off My Mind - 1:51
  • 8. When the Saints Go Marchin' In [Version] - 2:39
  • 9. The Blind Child's Prayer [Version] - 3:21
  • 10. Hey, Good Lookin' - 2:16

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