Various - Greatest Johnny Otis Show (CD)

Various - Greatest Johnny Otis Show (CD)


Kunnon r&b-rock`n`rollia!


by Stuart Colman

In the two short years that The Johnny Otis Show recorded for Capitol, they managed time and again to come up with some of the most eternal sides in rock’n’roll. The legendary Mr Otis adopted the role of ringmaster, whilst the members of his revue took turns to show off their many talents. Marie Adams, the Three Tons of Joy, Mel Williams, Jeannie Sterling and Jackie Kelso all featured on the recordings, backed up by some of the very finest musicians Johnny could assemble.

Their debut Capitol single Ma, He’s Making Eyes At Me truly caught the imagination of the British public and went right to the top of the charts in November, 1957.

Back home, the much loved Willie and the Hand Jive hit the US Top Ten the following summer and the whole shooting match went on to spread the word in films and TV. Future gems like Castin’ My Spell, Crazy Country Hop and Mumblin’ Mosie all helped to sow the seeds for the forthcoming R&B revolution in the UK with many homegrown acts from Cliff Richard to the Animals turning to the Johnny Otis repertoire for a source of material. After the disappointment of previous compilations, from other companies Ace Records have finally restored the balance by bringing together the cream of the Otis crop, including wonderful rock’n’roll tracks such as Bye Bye Baby, All I Want Is Your Love and Shake It Lucy Baby that have not appeared on CD before. This landmark release sets the facts straight on paper too, as the complexities surrounding Johnny’s arrival at Capitol have never been fully documented until now. The Greatest Johnny Otis Show is no idle boast, because the team succeeded in capturing such a joyous mood, the excitement still delivers maximum entertainment value. Mr. Otis has nothing to regret.

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  • 1. Johnny Otis - Shake It Lucy Baby
  • 2. Marie Adams & The Three Tons Of Joy - Ma (He's Making Eyes At Me)
  • 3. Marie Adams & The Three Tons Of Joy - (Romance) In The Dark
  • 4. Johnny Otis - Willie And The Hand Jive
  • 5. Marie Adams & Johnny Otis - Bye Bye Baby
  • 6. Marie Adams - Loop De Loop
  • 7. Johnny Otis - Can't You Hear Me Callin'
  • 8. Marie Adams - The Light Still Shines In My Window
  • 9. Johnny Otis - Hum Ding A Ling
  • 10. Mel Williams - Well Well Well
  • 11. Jeannie Sterling & The Moonbeams - Story Untold
  • 12. Marie Adams - All I Want Is Your Love
  • 13. Johnny Otis - Good Golly
  • 14. Mel Williams - You Just Kissed Me Goodbye
  • 15. Johnny Otis - Ring-A-Ling
  • 16. Johnny Otis - Three Girls Named Molly, Doin' The Hully Gully
  • 17. Marie Adams - A Fool In Love
  • 18. Johnny Otis - Crazy Country Hop
  • 19. Johnny Otis - Hey Baby, Don't You Know
  • 20. Marci Lee & Johnny Otis - I'll Do The Same Thing For You
  • 21. Marie Adams - What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?
  • 22. Johnny Otis - Willie Did The Cha Cha
  • 23. Johnny Otis - Mumblin' Mosie
  • 24. Johnny Otis - Let The Sun Shine In My Life
  • 25. Marci Lee & Johnny Otis - Castin' My Spell
  • 26. Marci Lee & Johnny Otis - Telephone Baby

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