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Grit - Straight Out The Alley (Käytetty CD)


”THE GRIT are ready to unleash ”Straight out the Alley,” their eagerly awaited new studio album via the world’s most infamous record label ’People Like You Records.’ For the last 2 years the band have relentlessly toured their previous album, ’Shall We Dine?’, from the prestigious festival stages [including Reading and Glastonbury] to the deadliest snake pit venues of England, Germany and beyond. They now intend to take their personal brand of ”Punk ’n’ Fuck ’n’ Roll” to a new level, armed with a sack full of fresh material but the same ever-ready ballsy determination that has seen their reputation spread like a contagious disease that audiences Prior to the release, THE GRIT are to take a pre-emptive swoop through the UK and Europe, inevitably doing what they have become notorious for; upstaging the big names and leaving all in their wake with the knowledge that they have witnessed something special. This string of dates will include tours with The Generators, Goldblade and The Aggrolites, and also see them share the stage with Rancid in their hometown, Newcastle. Then come April, ”Straight out the Alley” hits the shelves, with 12 tracks of their trademark, genre splicing sound, it cruises seamlessly through Punk, Ska, Rockabilly, Psychobilly and even Country. In many ways more ambitious than the previous album, it features a host of guest musicians, bringing Mandolin, Ukulele and Brass to the fore, whilst still maintaining the same upbeat punk ’n’ roll sound throughout. Well, would you expect anything less?have all been eager to contract.”

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  • 01.   Straight Out The Alley (1 m 59 s)
  • 02.   Let Me Take You For A Ride (2 m 55 s)
  • 03.   This World (2 m 31 s)
  • 04.   Cast Ya Mind Back (2 m 55 s)
  • 05.   Lunatics (2 m 27 s)
  • 06.   Victim Lives Another Day (4 m 0 s)
  • 07.   Tell Me Lies (3 m 56 s)
  • 08.   You Ought To Know (4 m 50 s)
  • 09.   Drink Till You Drop (3 m 24 s)
  • 10.   Long Time Dead (2 m 52 s)
  • 11.   12th Floor (3 m 59 s)
  • 12.   Here We Go Again (9 m 30 s)


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