Guitar Slingers - Live In Hamburg (LP)

Guitar Slingers - Live In Hamburg (LP)


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Stunning release which captures Doyley & The Slingers at their best…We are really happy to have this release on Trash Wax and the man has done such a great job on the mastering that you would swear you are there ! 

Fantastic set list includes a killer version of The Outcasts’ ’Seven Deadly Sins’, The Guns Of Diablo and a personal favourite of mine…’The Fly With The X-Ray Eyes….14 tracks of roof lifting sound which will please any fan of Rockinpsychosurftrash !

Limited Edition – 200 black vinyl

Recorded at 25 Years King Rockers – 3rd Night of the Crown, Hamburg – Knust – 07.11.2015

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A1 Guns of Diablo 3:05
A2 I Feel Psycho 2:51
A3 Geraldine 3:47
A4 Seven Deadly Sins 2:47
A5 Satanic Stomp 3:06
A6 The Invaders 2:23
A7 Never Steal The Devils Wheels 3:25
B1 Hang Em High 2:31
B2 Bop A Lena 2:30
B3 King Kong 3:15
B4 Like a Rocket 2:03
B5 Johnny Dangerously 3:05
B7 The Fly With The Xray Eyes 2:33

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