Guy Buddy - Blues Power (180 gram) (LP)

Guy Buddy - Blues Power (180 gram) (LP)


 Buddy Guy is arguably the most distinctive, electrifying guitarist in Blues History. On a good night, there is no player in the world who can match him. But for all of Guy’s talent, unfortunately there are few studio recordings that document his genius. Producers have always wanted him either to sound old-fashioned (i.e. the ’50’s Chess Chicago Blues sound) or too modern (i.e. some aberation of Jimi or Clapton)

Buddy was only produced properly one time and the result is this album.After several mediocre albus in the ’60s and 70’s. someone finally let Buddy play in the studio with the creative, When I Left Home reckless abandon that, when playing live, has ignited every building in which he has everplayed. This is Buddy Guy

Personnel: Buddy Guy – guitar vocals/Phil Guy, rhythm guitar/ J> Williams, Bass guitar/ Ray Allison, drums.

Recorded at: Condorcet Studio, Toulouse on October 31st 1979

Engineer: Francois Porterie

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Side A:

1. Smell a Rat.

2. Are you Losing Your Mind.

3. You've Been Gone Too Long

Side B:

1. She is Out There.

2. Outskirts of Town.

3. When I left Home

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