Jackson Wanda - Heart Trouble (CD)

Jackson Wanda - Heart Trouble (CD)


Hieno albumi! Pioneering rockabilly firebrand and country diva Wanda Jackson presents Heart Trouble,” her first studio album in over 15 years. Featuring duets with Elvis Costello and Rosie Flores and appearances by Dave Alvin, The Cramps, Lee Rocker and more, ”Heart Trouble” shows the vivacious Jackson is as fiery as ever on this collection of new songs which reflect her rockabilly, country and gospel roots and revved-up versions of her Rockabilly classics such as ”Let’s Have A Party” and ”Funnel Of Love.”

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  • 1. Heart Trouble
  • 2. Cash On The Barrelhead
  • 3. Funnel Of Love, feat. The Cramps
  • 4. Woman Walk Out The Door, duet w/ Rosie Flores
  • 5. Crying Time, duet w/ Elvis Costello
  • 6. Mean Mean Man
  • 7. It Happens Every Time
  • 8. Riot In Cellblock #9, feat. The Cramps
  • 9. Anytime You Wanna Fool Around
  • 10. Hard Headed Woman, feat. The Cadillac Angels
  • 11. Lonely For You
  • 12. What Gives You The Right
  • 13. Rockabilly Fever, feat. Dave Alvin
  • 14. It'll Be Me
  • 15. Walk With Me
  • 16. Let's Have a Party

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