Bang Bang Bazooka - Hell Yeah! (CD)

Bang Bang Bazooka - Hell Yeah! (CD)


Bang Bang Bazooka have been around since the late 1980s. They released two highly acclaimed albums in 1988 & 1990 filled with hard-edged Neo-Rockabilly, powerful guitars and impressive licks, resulting in a unique sound which is a must for all fans of 80s Psychobilly and Neo-Rockabilly.

The boys have become men and have picked up where they left 10 years ago. They wrote a bunch of new songs and started playing live again, every show ending up in a steaming Rock ’n’ Roll party. With the new songs and lots of rave live reviews, time had come to record a new album. And here it is: Hell Yeah!!!

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  • 1. I`m The Devil
  • 2. Burn Bobby Burn
  • 3. How Ho How
  • 4. City Boy
  • 5. Dutch Mountain Breakdown
  • 6. Rockabilly Guy
  • 7. Werewolf On The Prowl
  • 8. Runaway Train
  • 9. Evil Women
  • 10. Up To You
  • 11. Dragon Tattoo
  • 12. The Butcher

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