Hellbound Glory - Old Highs New Lows (CD)

Hellbound Glory - Old Highs New Lows (CD)


Toka albumi! nce again, the self-proclaimed scumbag country quartet from Reno NV delves into classic mid-70s style outlaw country music. Leroy and the boys fully incorporate the licks they’ve inhaled from listening to Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Flying Burrito Bros., Jerry Jeff Walker, and Willie Nelson records, but this time they’ve added depth and dimension to the songs by including banjo, fiddle, peddle steel and keyboards for a more traditional nod to the roots of country music. The ’throw caution to the wind’ attitude is in full force though, with songs about excess drinking, drug use, suicidal thoughts, broken hearts and feelings of being beyond redemption, all the while managing to convey the humor inherent in these situations with a passionate full-throttle delivery. These are rowdy fun loving songs managing to mesh the best of the past into a contemporary context.

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  • 1. Another Bender Might Break Me - 3:37
  • 2. Gettin' High And Hittin' New Lows - 2:49
  • 3. Be My Crutch - 2:55
  • 4. One Way Track Marks - 1:55
  • 5. Hank Williams Records - 2:07
  • 6. Either Way We're F***ed - 2:55
  • 7. Why Take The Pain - 2:58
  • 8. Hard Livin' Man - 3:21
  • 9. Slow Suicide - 3:58
  • 10. In The Gutter Again - 2:02
  • 11. Too Broke To Overdose - 3:33
  • 12. I'm Leavin' Now - 3:18

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