Reed Jerry - Here I Am (CD)

Reed Jerry - Here I Am (CD)


Mahtava rock`n`roll rockabilly albumi! Miehen kaikki 50-luvun Capitol äänitykset samassa paketissa.

Barely eighteen years old when he signed his initial Capitol contract, Jerry Reed possessed the youthful ambition, raw talent and personal charisma essential for success in country music. But the singer’s career didn’t exactly take off as it should have. The sunny, energetic honky-tonk approach of Reed’s initial singles simply couldn’t compete with the exciting new sounds emerging from Memphis.

Quickly responding to this new style, Reed started cutting hard-edged Johnny Burnette-styled rockabilly and high-octane rockers. Although prized by collectors today, none of these records dented the charts. Nor did Reed’s attempts at teen pop and return to country music prove any more successful. By 1959 he was off the label and in the army. Fortunately, Reed never gave up his dream. By 1965 he found his groove and eventually landed popular success at RCA Victor – ten long years after launching his career.

This long-overdue collection gathers all thirty of Jerry Reed’s seminal Capitol recordings from 1955 to 1958, including the original version of If The Good Lord’s Willing And The Creek Don’t Rise , When I Found You and Rockin’ In Bagdad.

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  • 1. Oh Lonely Heart
  • 2. My Own Backyard
  • 3. I've Had Enough
  • 4. Tear Drop Street
  • 5. Heart Appeal
  • 6. Bessie Baby
  • 7. Too Busy Crying The Blues
  • 8. I'm Stuck
  • 9. Mister Whiz
  • 10. Rockin' In Bagdad
  • 11. When I Found You
  • 12. Honey Chile
  • 13. It's High Time
  • 14. You Make It, They Take It
  • 15. Your Money Makes You Purty
  • 16. Too Young To Be Blue
  • 17. You're Bragging Baby
  • 18. Just A Romeo
  • 19. If The Good Lord's Willing And The Creek Don't Rise
  • 20. Here I Am
  • 21. I'm Tired Of Playing Cupid
  • 22. I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
  • 23. How Can I Go On This Way
  • 24. Everywhere
  • 25. Forever
  • 26. This Great Big Empty Room
  • 27. I Can't Find The Words
  • 28. How Can I Go On This Way
  • 29. Ba
  • 30. Bee
  • 31. So In Love

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