Hicksville Bombers - Bomps Away (Käytetty CD)

Hicksville Bombers - Bomps Away (Käytetty CD)


Formed in Lincoln back in 1992, Rockabilly Trio The Hicksville Bombers have remained a scene favourite since establishing themselves with a debut vinyl single on Raucous and a relentless gigging schedule.

They have released five albums to date and have performed all over the UK, toured Europe and gigged the States.

Bombs Away” features 16 tracks with the emphasis on original material – something of an achievement on a scene heavily reliant of 1950s cover material. The Bombers can boast that their own songs are at least as popular as the covers that they perform around the World’s Rockin’ venues and festivals.”

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  • 1. Bombs Away
  • 2. I'm Through
  • 3. Oochy Coochy Baby
  • 4. Yes I Do
  • 5. Old Hank Williams Song
  • 6. A Blind Eye, A White Lie
  • 7. Cindy Lou
  • 8. All The Time
  • 9. So Hot She's Cool
  • 10. Tell You A Lie
  • 11. I Sometimes Think Of You
  • 12. Do What I Do
  • 13. Bopper And Shaker
  • 14. Memphis Cat
  • 15. Moonshine Mama
  • 16. Desperate Livin'.

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