Varous - Hillbillies In Hell – Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952-1974) Revelations (CD)

Varous - Hillbillies In Hell – Country Music’s Tormented Testament (1952-1974) Revelations (CD)



From deep in the sweltering revival tent…Comes this righteous tome of weathered Nashville icons and blistering backwoods prophets – ’Hillbillies In Hell: Revelations.’ An astounding collection of searing Gospel exhalations, fiery End-Times laments, Death-Bed confessionals, Grim-Reapered recitations and Graveside grimoires.

Often originally waxed on microscopic labels and distributed in dispiriting amounts, these troubled and mostly forgotten troubadours sing of Judgement Day, The Rapture and Death’s Cold Black Fingers. Years in the making – ‘Hillbillies In Hell: Revelations’ presents 30 testaments and timeless tribulations – sermons of sinful sloth, howling Hell-Bound locomotives and scorching Apocalyptic redemption.

A cold, stone final casket of fringe 45s – many of these sides are impossibly rare and are reissued here for the very first time. All for your purifying listening pleasure. • WITNESS Charlie Moore recant NO GRAVE (IS GONNA KEEP THIS SOUL)! • HEAR The Masters Family reveal THE DEVIL WAS MY SHADOW! • SEE Ernest Carter wade through the FILTY SEA OF SIN!
* Limited Edition Deluxe 30 Track CD with 20-page booklet!
* Exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia!
* Full dynamic range 2020 remasters direct from the first-generation analogue master tapes!

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1 John Reedy and the Stone MT. Trio – Oh, Death
2 Swanee River Boys – Fire’s A-Coming
3 The Country Gentlemen – This World’s No Place to Live
4 The a. L. Phipps Family – Death’s Black Train
5 The Lewis Family – Fire and Brimstone
6 Wally Fowler & the Oak Ridge Quartet – a Wonderful Time Up There
7 Richard Miller – Jesus Is on My Side
8 Charlie Moore and the Dixie Partners – No Grave (Is Gonna Keep This Soul)
9 The Lewis Family – Heaven Bound Train
10 Tex Williams – Ghost of a Honky Tonk Slave
11 Little Jimmy Dickens – Are You Insured Beyond the Grave
12 The Masters Family – the Devil Was My Shadow
13 Ernest Carter and the Hymn Trio – Filthy Sea of Sin
14 Lonnie Glosson – the Story of the Street Girl
15 Swanee River Boys – Not Necessarily
16 Lonzo and Oscar (With the Peapickers Quartet) – Talk with Jesus
17 Joel & Labreeska – Satan Has No Claim on Me
18 Art Pettibone – World Planets
19 The Looper Trio – I Don’t Want to Get Adjusted to This World
20 Ray Baker and His Happy Travelers – I Don’t Need a Rocket Ship
21 Mac Odell – Be on Time
22 Eastern Kentucky Boys – Sinner’s Death
23 J.D. Jarvis – You Can’t See Electricity
24 Luke Gordon – 13 Steps Away
25 The Louvin Brothers – Insured Beyond the Grave
26 Gene Callaway with the Westcoast All-Stars – City of Sin
27 Bill Carter with the Cooper Brothers – Your Last Day on Earth
28 Rev. Barney Pierce – Hell Bound Train
29 Rusty Adams – If Jesus Played the Guitar
30 Brother Claude Ely – There Ain’t No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down