Various - Hillbillies In Hell Vol 12 (Rsd) (LP)

Various - Hillbillies In Hell Vol 12 (Rsd) (LP)


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Randomly Inserted Coloured Vinyl / Rsd 21

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 2 cm
Tuotekoodi IMAR 125LP
Tuottaja The Iron Mountain Analogue Research Facility ‎ The Omni Recording Corporation ‎
Vuosi 2021

A1 –Elton Britt Lost Highway
A2 –Porter Wagoner Fairchild
A3 –Justin Tubb The Great River Road Mystery
A4 –Sanford Clark It’s Nothing To Me
A5 –Johnny Paycheck You’ll Recover In Time
A6 –Stonewall Jackson Somebody’s Always Leaving
A7 –Porter Wagoner And Dolly Parton The Party
A8 –Buddy Starcher When Payday Comes
B1 –Tommy Curtis and Bill Taylor Devil’s Stumbling Block
B2 –Jody Reynolds Devil Girl
B3 –Henson Cargill Going Backwards
B4 –Lorrie Collins Another Man Done Gone
B5 –Bobby Braddock Reveleation
B6 –Stonewall Jackson And The Brentwood Children’s Choir That’s All This Old World Needs
B7 –The Speer Family You Can’t Run From God
B8 –The Singing Rambos When Payday Comes

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