Hillbilly Casino - Red, White & Bruised (Blue with purple splatter) (LP)

Hillbilly Casino - Red, White & Bruised (Blue with purple splatter) (LP)


Uusin ja kuudes Hillbilly Casino albumi. Taattua menoa Nashvillestä Neo-rockabillystä kantrin kautta myös perinteisempään rockabillyyn.

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”Red White and Bruised” is the Hillbilly Casino’s 6th Full Length Album. Their first Studio recording since recruiting drummer Matthew Arnn. With Red White and Bruised, the band has put together a more cohesive roots oriented collection of 13 songs, while staying true to their DIY ethic and their brand of ’real american music’. With nods to Rockabilly, Honkytonk, Jump Blues, Psychobilly, and flat out Rock and Roll, Red White and Bruised is an infectious blend that will keep you coming back to it again and again.

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Video https://youtu.be/udwRijkDJRg

1. Knockin` At Your Door
2. How Do You Think?
3. She`s Got Tricks
4. It`s Not Me, it´s You
5. Toss, turn & Roll
6. Lowdown
7. Dog On A Chain
8. When She Kissed Me
9. Give It All Up For You
10. Trainwreck
11. Jibber Jabber
12. More Blues Than Green

13. Troubles

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