Hillbilly Moon Explosion - With Monsters and Gods (CD)

Hillbilly Moon Explosion - With Monsters and Gods (CD)


Hillbilly Moon Explosion are a half-English 4-piece hidden away in Switzerland, where they’ve honed their craft without distraction for many years.  Last in the UK in 2013, they straddle genres with ease, playing divergent gigs such as the Jazz Café, the Punk Rebellion Festival, Boomtown Festival, and as guests of the Swiss national team at the London Olympics.  They set out on the road again in Spring 2016.  Much revered in France, they were recently hired to help resurrect the career of the film star and singer Arielle Dombasle.  She’s recorded with the band an album of Hillbilly Moon cover versions, out now as ‘French Kiss’ on Universal.   They’ve become an online and vinyl phenomenon, boosted by the ‘My Love For Evermore’ single, (with Spark Phillips of Demented Are Go, who also guests on ‘With Monster & Gods’) – it’s approaching 7 million views and has has 7x 7″ pressings.  CD digipak.

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1. In Space
2. Temptation
3. Depression
4. Down On Your Knees
5. Midnight Blues
6. Desperation
7. With Monsters and Gods
8. Love You Better
9. Black Ghost
10. Heartbreak Boogie
11. Call Me
12. You Miss Something
13. Jackson (With Sparky from Demented Are Go)
14. Rose Outside

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