Perkins Carl - Honey Don’t (Live ’56) / Eternal Stay (63 demo) (7 single/EP)

Perkins Carl - Honey Don’t (Live ’56) / Eternal Stay (63 demo) (7 single/EP)


Carl Perkins is one of the unquestionable fathers of Rockabilly, his recordings in the short 3 years he spent at Sun Records are the foundation on which the genre was built, and have been profusely reissued over the last 70 years, being well know to any 50’s rock’n’roll fan and collectors.

This single includes two previously unreleased tracks, the first of which is the recently discovered live recording Carl and his band made on March 17, 1956 on the Ozark Jubilee TV show. Just 5 days later, Carl and his band were involved in a terrible car accident while travelling to NBC TV’s Perry Como Show.
As a result, they not only suffered serious injuries, but also missed the massive success that seemed was deserved after release of Blue Suede Shoes.

On Side B you’ll find the demo of Eternal Stay, a song he recorded in Nashville in 1963. The original tape of that demo was stolen from him during his first UK tour, a few months later.

Eternal Stay, and several other tracks that were supposedly in those tapes, were released on various bootleg LPs in EU in the 70’s and 80’s, with a terrible sound. On this single we’ve mastered it from the best source available, improving a lot sound quality, and achiving the best sound possible until now.

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