Various - Honkers & Screamers: Roots Of Rock ’N’ Roll Vol. 6 (2LP) (Käytetty LP/12)

Various - Honkers & Screamers: Roots Of Rock ’N’ Roll Vol. 6 (2LP) (Käytetty LP/12)


Gatefold Cover.

Inside the gatefold is biographical text on artist’s involved,
the back cover has detailed musician credit list.

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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm
Tuotekoodi SJL 2234
Tuottaja Savoy Records
Vuosi 1979
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A1 Paul Williams – The Twister 4:49
A2 Paul Williams – Boogie Mr. Williams 2:30
A3 Paul Williams – Turtle Rock 2:38
A4 Paul Williams – Canadian Ace 2:46
A5 Paul Williams – Rompin’ 2:34
A6 Paul Williams – Jelly Roll Boogie 2:29
A7 Paul Williams – House Rockin’ 2:26
A8 Paul Williams – Back Bender 2:28
B1 Hal Singer– Midnight Jump 2:49
B2 Hal Singer– Happy Days 2:37
B3 Hal Singer– Hot Bread 2:59
B4 Hal Singer– Loose Riff 2:31
B5 Hal Singer– Feels So Good 2:42
B6 Hal Singer– Swanee River. 2:45
B7 Hal Singer– A Plug For Cliff 2:55
B8 Hal Singer– Beef Stew 2:30
C1 Big Jay McNeely– Man Eater 2:33
C2 Big Jay McNeely– Wild Wig 2:38
C3 Big Jay McNeely– Cool Blood 2:39
C4 Big Jay McNeely– Sunday Dinner 2:27
C5 Big Jay McNeely– California Hop 2:30
C6 Big Jay McNeely– Cherry Smash 2:46
C7 Big Jay McNeely– Deacon’s Hop 2:46
C8 Big Jay McNeely– Artie’s Jump 2:38
D1 Lee Allen– Creole Alley 2:54
D2 Lee Allen– The Eel 2:36
D3 Lee Allen– Let’s Make Love Tonight 2:29
D4 Sam ”The Man” Taylor – Midnight Rambler 2:28
D5 Sam ”The Man” Taylor – Deliver Me 3:03
D6 Sam ”The Man” Taylor – Deacon’s Hop 2:36

[A1 to A4]: Recorded in Detroit March 2 & 4, 1948.
[A5 to A8]: Rec. in Detroit Jan.13 & July 7,1948.
[B1 to B5]: Rec. in N.Y. February 9,1949.
[B6 to B7]: Rec in N.Y. Oct.25,1949.
[B8]: Rec. in N.Y. Dec.10,1948.
[C1 to C8]: Rec. in Los Angeles Nov.29 & Dec.15,1949.
[D1 to D3]: Rec. in New Orleans June 14,1954.
[D4 to D6]: Rec. in Newark Feb.9,1961.

All Material Issued on 12″ LP for the first time except Side Three, #7 which is also on SJL2221.

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