Willard Jess - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor (CD)

Willard Jess - Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor (CD)


Tiukkaa hillbilly/rockabillyä! Mukana taustalla mm. Cochran Bros, Speedy West ja Jimmy Bryant. One of the most obscure major label artists of the early 1950s, Jess Willard – named after the famed World War I era boxer, Jess Willard, the Potawatamie Giant – he has nevertheless achieved some cult status in recent, both for his engaging combination of twangy, hard-hillbilly singing and hot, swinging accompaniments, and for his association with the so called ’Cochran Brothers’, Eddie and Hank, with whom he toured and recorded early in both of those important artist’s careers. An associate, too, of famed early Capitol star Jack Guthrie, it was his Guthrie connections that probably attracted Capitol records to Willard. He recorded for the label form 1950-52, laying down 26 fine tracks, all of which are included here, as is his 1955 single for Ekko that features Eddie and Hank Cochran in the accompanying band. In addition to Willard’s insouciant, engaging vocals, such legendary musicians as Speedy West, Jimmy Bryant, Noel Boggs, Bill Woods and Tex Atchison are featured. Songs include the original version of Johnny Horton’s classic Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor, as well as Truck Driver’s Boogie, Java Junction, Oil The Hinges On Your Door, Honky Tonkin’ All The Time and two unissued sides, Boogie Woogie Preachin’ Man and Honky Tonk Boogie.

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  • 1. Honky Tonk Hardwood Floor
  • 2. Java Junction
  • 3. Hang On The Ball And Chain
  • 4. Gonna Take That Fast Train
  • 5. Boogie Woogie Preachin'  Man
  • 6. Oil The Hinges On Your Door
  • 7. Turn That Gun Around
  • 8. My Mail Order Mama
  • 9. Truck Driver's Boogie
  • 10. Mistreated Blues
  • 11. Lonesome Dollar Bill
  • 12. Honky Tonk Boogie
  • 13. Honky Tonkin' All The Time
  • 14. Cadillac Blues
  • 15. Drinkin' At The Bar
  • 16. 'Til The Day I Die
  • 17. Saturday Night For Love
  • 18. Buy Me A Bottle Of Beer
  • 19. Don't Hold Her So Close*
  • 20. Every Dog Has His Day*
  • 21. Slippin' Around With Jole Blon
  • 22. Trouble Then Satisfaction
  • 23. New Panhandle Rag
  • 24. Two Dollar Diamond Ring
  • 25. If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time
  • 26. Little Shoes
  • 27. One Way Street
  • 28. Someday You'll Remember