Dickerson Deke and the Whippersnappers - Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm (ltd) (LP)

Dickerson Deke and the Whippersnappers - Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm (ltd) (LP)


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Deke’s first long-player with the Whippersnappers (and first new album since the pandemic) is chock full of great new songs, written by Deke and Bert Avalos and Zander Griffith of the Whippersnappers. There’s lots of wild rockabilly, including the title track “Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm,” “Now That You’re Gone,” and “Great Big Cowboy.” There are also great 1950s-style country numbers, including “Bucket of Blood,” and dramatic Western numbers like “Paying for That One Mistake.” And in addition to all the new songs, two of the group’s biggest numbers from their first EP are included as well: “Here Kitty Kitty” and “Wild Wild Thing.”
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Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Major Label Records
Vuosi 2023

1. Bucket Of Blood
2. Payin’ For That One Mistake
3. Now That You’re Gone
4. Baby’s Gone Uptown
5. Sugar Coated Daddy
6. Loneliest Man In The Whole Wide World
7. Battering Ram
8. Here Kitty Kitty
9. Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm
10. Visit From The Devil
11. Goin’ Honky Tonkin’ (vocal and lead guitar Bert Avalos)
12. Wild Wild Thing
13. In My Dreams, Baby (vocal Zander Griffith)
14. High Noon
15. You Better Not Go
16. Great Big Cowboy

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