Pedicin Mike - Hotter Than A Pistol (CD)

Pedicin Mike - Hotter Than A Pistol (CD)


Saxman/bandleader MIKE PEDICIN, from Philadelphia, was one of the pioneers of ’House Rock’, the musical hybrid which incorporated Swing, R&B and Hillbilly into an exciting new, danceable format in the immediate pre-R&R era.

Operating largely in and around Philadelphia and New Jersey, his biggest local rival was Bill Haley, who of course went on to become a worldwide star.

Nonetheless, during the 1950s Pedicin and his boys recorded a memorable body of work, and even dented the U.S. Top 100 a couple of times, with ’The Large, Large House’ and ’Shake A Hand’, while sides like ’One Potato-Two Potato’, ’Hotter Than A Pistol’ and ’Burnt Toast And Black Coffee’ are big collectors’ items.

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1. I’LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU SOME (Mike Pettison Quartet)
2. MMM BOY (Mike Pedicin Quartet)
3. ONE POTATO-TWO POTATO (Mike Pedicin Quartet With Joe Kuhn’s Orch)
4. IT’S MY HEART TO GIVE (Mike Pedicin Quartet With Joe Kuhn’s Orch)
5. DISC JOCKEY’S BOOGIE (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
6. SWEET GEORGIA BROWN (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
7. I WANNA HUG YOU, KISS YOU, SQUEEZE YOU (Mike Pedicin Quintette)
8. I’M HIP (Mike Pedicin Quintette)
9. MAMBO ROCK (Mike Pedicin Quintette)
10. D-E-V-I-L (Mike Pedicin Quintette)
11. FE-FI-FO-FUM (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
12. THE HOT BARCAROLLE (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
13. YOU GOTTA GO (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
14. THE BANJO ROCK (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
15. JACKPOT (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
16. THE LARGE, LARGE HOUSE (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
17. HOTTER THAN A PISTOL (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
18. THE BEAT (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
19. SAVE US PREACHER DAVIS (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
20. TEEN AGE FAIRY TALES (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
21. CLOSE ALL THE DOORS (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
22. THE HUCKLEBUCK (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
23. CALYPSO ROCK (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
24. PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT ME WHEN I’M  GONE (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
25. SHAKE A HAND (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
26. THE DICKIE DOO (Mike Pedicin Quintet)
27. HEY POP GIVE ME THE KEYS (Mike Pedicin Quintette)
28. ST JAMES’ INFIRMARY (Mike Pedicin Quintette)
29. SAXI BOOGIE (Mike Pedicin)
30. HI YO SILVER (Mike Pedicin)
31. CLOSIN’ OUT (Mike Pedicin)
33. GOTTA TWIST (Mike Pedicin Quintet)