Meteors - Hymns For The Hellbound (Red) (LP)

Meteors - Hymns For The Hellbound (Red) (LP)


Alunperin 2007 julkaistu albumi nyt uusintajulkaisuna ja gatefold kannella.

LP, gatefold sleeve, red vinyl

The original creators of Psychobilly Music, The Meteors began as a reaction against soft neo-rockabilly music of the late 70’s rock revival era. Since then the loud, sneering lovers of horror, perversion and death have released a few dozen records and are still going strong, 40 years into their career of evil.

Svart Records are hellishly excited to bring you an official reissue of The Meteors’ 2007 album Hymns For The Hellbound. Long out of print on physical formats, this authorised reissue comes with a secret bonus track, all pressed on pitch black or blood-dripping red vinyl and wrapped in a gatefold jacket.

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Paino 0,3 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Svart Records
Vuosi 2023

A1 Powder Pain And Misery 4:24
A2 My Slaughtering Ways 3:47
A3 The Phantom Rider 3:36
A4 Endless Sleep 3:19
A5 We Wanna Wreck Here 3:19
A6 The Cutter Cuts While The Widow Weeps 2:53
A7 The Queen Of The Wild Wild Wind 3:47

B1 Shadow Time 3:33
B2 Lie Down 4:46
B3 You Want It 3:56
B4 Black Black Night 3:18
B5 Paradise Lost 4:27

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