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Gordon Robert - I Sure Miss You (CD)



Special Limited Edition Collector’s Release (500 copies) documenting Robert Gordon’s final concert tour.
Featuring Darrel Higham on guitar.
BONUS: First-time release of Robert Gordon’s first recording from 1962.

Robert was in good voice, with his rich baritone sounding as good as ever. He’s in a joyful mood on these recordings, and his interplay with the audience is a delight. These special recordings highlight Robert Gordon’s brilliance as an artist and a performer. You can sense his passion for the music, his musical precision as well as his love for performing. As such, it’s a heartwarming farewell and a celebration of the man and his music.

The repertoire reflects his eclectic tastes in music. The classics are there, including ’Fire’, ’The Fool’, ’Red Hot’ and ’Rockbilly Boogie’. Robert performs them as if decades were minutes; he sounds eerily like the originals on some of them.

There’s some Elvis, with a menacing version of ’Little Sister’, as well as a neat ’Suspicion’. He dips deeper into his own back-catalogue with ’Someday, Someway’ and ’Heartful Of Soul’, two songs that he hadn’t performed in ages, but had rediscovered in recent times. The surprise on the setlist is a song not normally associated with him: Gene Vincent’s ’Race With The Devil’, during which Higham displays some mighty fine pickin’, Cliff Gallup-style. You’ll love this! One of the highlights on the album is another Gene Vincent song, ’I Sure Miss You’, and one that Robert has performed since the Link Wray days. It’s a real vocal tour-de-force and yet another reminder of what an exceptional singer Robert Gordon was.

As a special bonus, we have added a sensational discovery: the first recording of Robert performing live, in 1962. He sings James Brown’s ’Try Me’, and even at the tender age of 16, you can tell that the talent is already there. A true rarity, now released for the first time.

This special release represents both the first and the last of Robert Gordon, and in many ways, it’s also the best of him. It’s a touching final statement by this great artist. As these recordings demonstrate, he went out on a high note.

Packaged in a handsome three-panel digipack with color photos and memorabilia from that final tour, this is a true collector’s item. Strictly limited edition. Order your copy today!

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Paino 0,1 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi LMP-1207-02
Tuottaja Victorola
Vuosi 2022

Tracks 1-7 Tobaksgaarden (DK) 04/02/2020
1. Someday, Someway
2. Lover Boy
3. The Way I Walk
4. Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache
5. I’m Coming Home
6. The Fool
7. Heartful Of Soul
8. Drivin Wheel
9. Little Boy Sad
10. Hello Walls
11. Fire
12. Walk On By
13. Suspicion
14. Race With The Devil
15. The Worrying Kind
16. RockBilly Boogie (With false start)
17. Little Sister
Tracks 18-21 Kemi, Finland 31/01/2002
18. I`m Coming Home
19. I Sure Miss You
20. Move It
21. Red Hot
Bonus track, First live recording from 1962
22. Try Me

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