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Bitch Boys - In heat (Käytetty CD)



This may be one of the most consistent CD’s I’ve heard in a long time. 20+ fine tracks, consistently mixed and performed, with strong writing and rhythms. This Slovenian band is bound to make their mark on the surf instro world. Tracks like ’Sale’s Melioration’, ’Surfin’ Tide’, ’Theme From Otpisani’, ’Blejski Venek’, ’Skaw Boy’ and their liquid covers of ’Telstar’ and ’Paint It Black’ are essential listening. What’s more astonishing than their consistently good recording and playing is their superior writing and keen sense of arrangement. There’s always something going, none of which is filler. The music is rhythmic, dynamic, richly arranged, and full of glorious surf reverb. Highly recommended.”

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”I got your CD ’In Heat’ and I’ve been enjoying it immensely! Every song is fantastic! They’re all really different, too. In addition to the songs from your promo CD that I’ve played, I’ve already played ’Stalking Mermaid’ (great song) from this CD on my show and I’ll eventually play all of your songs! I really like your music a lot and I’ll keep Bitch Boys in steady roatation. I think that ’In Heat’ is the best new release I’ve heard this year! I hope you do really well with it because you deserve it (I also hope you realize how good your songs are!).

     Your songs are very exciting. Like in ’Surfin’ Tide’ where the slow intro with the cool reverb changes to a fast-picked melody. Definitely not boring! Speaking of reverb, I LOVE the heavy reverb in ’Roadracer’ and I like the reverbed melody in ’Waikiki Storm’ a lot, too! I should also mention ’Sale’s Melioration.’ It has a great melody. It reminds me a little bit of Richard Podolor (Rickie Allen), who I’m a big fan of. ’Waikiki Storm’ is a beautiful song, too, with cool changes. So is ’Crying With the Dolphins.’ And ’(On the Road With) Wavechasers’ totally rocks. I love it!

     Well, I don’t want to bore you and go on song by song, but I have to tell you how much I also like ’Shark Attack’ and ’Revenge of the Amor.’ What great songs! Now, I don’t want to take away from the songs that I didn’t mention because I like them just as much as these that I’ve mentioned. Like I said, every song is fantastic.

     When I play your songs on my show, I try to make sure that I mention that ’In Heat’ is a new release. Hopefully, I’ll get to see you play someday. That would be great! Thanks mostly for the great songs. I’ll keep my eyes (and ears) open for good things about (and from) Bitch Boys!”

Tom Hinders”

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  • 1. The Bitch Boys - In heat
  • 1. Stalking mermaid
  • 2. Surfin' tide
  • 3. Wet bikini
  • 4. Roadracer
  • 5. Sale's melioration
  • 6. David's quest
  • 7. (On the road with) Wavechasers
  • 8. Waikiki storm
  • 9. Gargamel S. T.
  • 10. Theme from 'Optisami'
  • 11. Amor
  • 12. Bitch stomp
  • 13. Paint it black
  • 14. Blejski Vec'k
  • 15. Shark attack
  • 16. My Bunny
  • 17. Skawboy
  • 18. Revenge of the amor
  • 19. Suez Canal affair
  • 20. Telstar