Gearhead - Issue# 11 (Lehdet)

Gearhead - Issue# 11 (Lehdet)


Vielä kaksi jäljellä! RELEASE DATE: April 2001


COVER BY: Jason Rosenberg, photo by Cathy Bauer

BACK COVER: Full page ad for Eleven Eleven

LAYOUT BY: Chris Imlay, Todd Caris, Chris Appelgren

STAFF: Mike LaVella, Chris Imlay, Todd Caris, Chris Appelgren, Cathy Bauer, Mike Bumbeck, Chas Glynn, Michelle Haunold, Patricia Hewett, Leah Kerr, Pekka Laine, Jen McKitrick, Elena Ray, Kevin Thomson, Nate Tynan, Nettie Williams

COVER STORIES: Billet Proof, Donnas Interview, Gearfest 2000, Bonneville

ARTICLES ON:Gerry Steiner, more Bonneville stuff

REGULAR FEATURES: Editor Speaks, Big Nate’s Video Roundup, Bobo Tech, Chas’s Compendium of Optional Oddities, Record reviews

CAR OF THE ISSUE: Jesus Villalobos’s lead sled on the cover

OTHER POINTS OF INTEREST: Coming back strong after almost a year and a half between issues!

FIRST APPEARANCE OF: The new Gearhead logo and UPC code. Todd!

NEVER TO BE SEEN AGAIN: A free” 45 with every issue, individual record review columns

PICTURE OF MIKE KISSING: No one! But being kissed by Pelle from The Hives, and Speedo from the Flaming Sideburns.

SOUNDTRACK OF THE ERA: The Briefs, Hellacopters, Hives, Donnas, Mooney Suzuki, Sultans, ”Demons””

Ei varastossa, vain jälkitoimituksena

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