Jano Johnny - Rocking And Rolling 1956-1958 (CD)

Jano Johnny - Rocking And Rolling 1956-1958 (CD)


VIHDOINKIN KUNNON KOKOELMA JOHNNY JANOLTA! YKSI KAUTTA-AIKOJEN PARHAISTA ROCKABILLY LAULAJISTA! Last year El Toro Records tackled the complete 1950s recordings of Louisiana’s rockabilly king, Al Ferrier (ETCD 1032), so we now turn our attention to Louisiana rockabilly’s Clown Prince, Johnny Jano, who like Ferrier began recording for local record man, J D Miller, and saw his early efforts released on Excello and Goldband. Jano’s greatest passion was his lucrative broadcasting job over Radio KLOU and, so, the sale of his releases suffered when he refused to go on the road to promote them. Nevertheless he spent some worthy time in the Miller studio during the rock ’n’ roll era and reverted to his Cajun roots in the 1960s where he finally enjoyed some considerable local success, while in the European rockabilly revival of the 1970s, his 1950s recordings became huge club dancefloor favourites.

This release showcases Johnny Jano’s complete rockabilly recordings from 1956 to 1958 so, if you’re looking for some rockin’, there’s no need to get your gun all loaded and the trigger cocked…the hunt’s over!

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Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uji9wdkydxo
  • 1. Havin' a Whole Lot of Fun
  • 2. I'd Make a Good Man for You
  • 3. Mabel's Gone
  • 4. Pledging My Love to My Darling
  • 5. Rock My Baby
  • 6. Oh! Baby
  • 7. High Voltage
  • 8. Mabel's Gone
  • 9. Rock Me Baby
  • 10. You're the Only Girl
  • 11. Havin' a While Lot of Fun
  • 12. Stop, Look and Listen
  • 13. She's Mine
  • 14. She's Mine (Alt Take)
  • 15. Have You Heard the Word (AKA Rock Me Baby")
  • 16. Havin' a Whole Lot of Fun (Alt Take)
  • 17. I'd Make a Good Man for You (Alt Take)
  • 18. She's My Baby
  • 19. Some Other Time
  • 20. Oh! Baby (Alt Take)
  • 21. Rock and Roll Baby
  • 22. She's My Baby (Demo Take)
  • 23. Okie Dokie Stomp - Johnny Duhon & The Yellow Jackets (Bonus Track)

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