Jones George - Birth Of A Legend – The Truly Complete Starday And Mercury Recordings 1954-1961 (6-CD) (CD)

Jones George - Birth Of A Legend – The Truly Complete Starday And Mercury Recordings 1954-1961 (6-CD) (CD)


6-CD boxed set (LP-size) with 174-page hardcover book, 200 tracks. Total playing time approx. 458 minutes.

His fans and country music lovers have been asking for this definite set with George Jones’ early Starday and Mercury recordings for years.

One of Bear Family’s most requested sets … ever!   The beginning of the greatest career in country music

All of George Jones’ classic early recordings, including Why Baby Why, White Lightning, Treasure Of Love, Window Up Above, Tender Years, and twenty more charted hits!

More than 20 previously unissued takes and songs!

Includes the Thumper Jones rockabilly single and all of George Jones’ soundalike recordings for Dixie!

All the era’s duets with Jeanette Hicks, Bobbie Ellison, Margie Singleton, Virginia Spurlock, as well as harmony vocals by Sonny Burns, Darrell McCall, James O’Gwynn, Floyd Robinson, and Donny Young (aka Johnny Paycheck).

Exhaustive newly researched biography and discography!

6 CDs with a 174 page book, featuring photos from the Jones’ family’s personal scrapbook!

How It Happened

Almost from the beginning of Bear Family forty years ago, there has been a steady flow of requests to reissue all of George Jones’ Starday and Mercury recordings. They’ve been issued and reissued on scattershot compilations on myriad labels, sometimes rechanneled into fake stereo, sometimes overdubbed, sometimes edited, and usually without any logic behind the compilation. As a first step, Bear Family founder Richard Weize asked Otto Kitsinger, Don Roy and Dave Sax to try to take the first shot at a discography of George Jones’ early recordings. That was more than twenty years ago.

After the success of Bear Family’s anthologies of Jones’ United Artists and Musicor recordings, we decided to take another shot at making sense of the frustrating tape logs and session contracts from Jones’ earliest sessions. Then we tried to fill in the multitude of missing pieces, and figure out who owned what. And then we commissioned Kevin Coffey to write what is surely the definitive account of Jones’ early years. Finally, we contacted the George Jones estate for their photos. The result: the last word on the early recordings of the first name in country music.

Why It Happened

The reason for the years of work behind this set is that it represents the beginning of George Jones … the greatest singer in country music history. Here he’s young and vibrant with everything to prove and nothing to lose. Over the course of seven years, we hear him become the singer we know so well. There were occasional dead ends, like the infamous rockabilly single he recorded as Thumper Jones and the soundalike discs he recorded for Dixie, and there were some unworthy songs that were forced upon him or he forced upon himself, but there were also classic George Jones recordings, on a par with anything else in country music history. We hear the raw, unbridled Texas honky tonk sound give way to classic Nashville. Above all, we hear country music’s greatest singer discover himself

The Result

These recordings have never been heard complete and in sequence before. In painstakingly cross-checking, we found unreleased takes and even a few unreleased songs, including little-heard numbers from George Jones’ first sessions in the living room studio of Starday Records founder Jack Starns. >From there, we take in seven turbulent years that saw George Jones become the gold-standard country music vocalist, setting the stage for another forty years of hits. Truly, one of the essential sets in country music, for historical reasons as much as the pure enjoyment of hearing the genre’s greatest stylist at the top of his game.

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1-1 –George Jones (2) No Money In This Deal
1-2 –George Jones (2) No Money In This Deal (alt)
1-3 –George Jones (2) For Sale Or For Lease (take 1)
1-4 –George Jones (2) For Sale Or For Lease (take 2)
1-5 –George Jones (2) Play It Cool Man – Play It Cool
1-6 –George Jones (2) You’re In My Heart
1-7 –George Jones (2) If You Were Mine
1-8 –George Jones (2) Wrong About You
1-9 –George Jones (2) You All Goodnight
1-10 –George Jones (2) Hold Everything
1-11 –George Jones (2) Hold Everything (alt)
1-12 –George Jones (2) Heartbroken Me
1-13 –George Jones (2) Heartbroken Me (2)
1-14 –George Jones (2) Let Him Know
1-15 –George Jones (2) My Sweet Imogene
1-16 –George Jones (2) What’s Wrong With You
1-17 –George Jones (2) What’s Wrong With You (alt)
1-18 –George Jones (2) Painless Heart
1-19 –George Jones (2) Still Hurtin’
1-20 –George Jones (2) Settle Down
1-21 –George Jones (2) Dancing Mexican Boy
1-22 –George Jones (2) Mexican Boogie (Boogie Woogie Mexican Boy)
1-23 –George Jones (2) Why Baby Why
1-24 –George Jones (2) What Am I Worth
1-25 –George Jones (2) Seasons Of My Heart
1-26 –George Jones (2) Seasons Of My Heart (alt)
1-27 –George Jones (2) What Am I Worth (remake)
1-28 –George Jones (2) It’s OK
1-29 –George Jones (2) Your Heart
1-30 –George Jones (2) Dancing Mexican Boy (alt)
1-31 –George Jones (2) You Never Thought
1-32 –George Jones (2) I’m Ragged But I’m Right
2-1 –George Jones (2) I’m Ragged But I’m Right (alt)
2-2 –George Jones (2) You Gotta Be My Baby (take 1)
2-3 –George Jones (2) You Gotta Be My Baby (take 2)
2-4 –George Jones (2) You Gotta Be My Baby (take 3)
2-5 –George Jones (2) I’ve Got Five Dollars And It’s Saturday Night
2-6 –George Jones (2) Run Boy
2-7 –George Jones (2) Heartbreak Hotel (short ending)
2-8 –George Jones (2) Yes I Know Why
2-9 –George Jones (2) ’Cause I Love You
2-10 –George Jones (2) You Gotta Be My Baby
2-11 –George Jones (2) Rock It
2-12 –George Jones (2) Rock It (alt)
2-13 –George Jones (2) How Come It
2-14 –George Jones (2) Boat Of Life
2-15 –George Jones (2) Taggin’ Along
2-16 –George Jones (2) & Jeanette Hicks Yearning
2-17 –George Jones (2) & Jeanette Hicks Yearning (alt)
2-18 –George Jones (2) & Jeanette Hicks I’m With The Wrong One
2-19 –George Jones (2) Sweet Dreams
2-20 –George Jones (2) & Jeanette Hicks I Take The Chance
2-21 –George Jones (2) Any Old Time
2-22 –George Jones (2) Gonna Come Get You
2-23 –George Jones (2) Gonna Come Get You (alt)
2-24 –George Jones (2) Just One More
2-25 –George Jones (2) No Money In This Deal
2-26 –George Jones (2) & Jeanette Hicks I’m With The Wrong One (edit)
2-27 –George Jones (2) & Jeanette Hicks I’m With The Wrong One
2-28 –George Jones (2) You’re Running Wild
2-29 –George Jones (2) Singing The Blues
2-30 –George Jones (2) Wasted Words
2-31 –George Jones (2) One Woman Man
2-32 –George Jones (2) Before I Met You
2-33 –George Jones (2) Go Away With Me
2-34 –George Jones (2) Radio Spot 1, 1956
2-35 –George Jones (2) Radio Spot 2, 1956
2-36 –George Jones (2) Radio Spot 3, 1956
3-1 –George Jones (2) You’re Back Again
3-2 –George Jones (2) Don’t Stop The Music
3-3 –George Jones (2) (That’s) All I Want To Do
3-4 –George Jones (2) Uh, Uh, No
3-5 –George Jones (2) Uh, Uh, No (alt)
3-6 –George Jones (2) Cup Of Loneliness
3-7 –George Jones (2) Cup Of Loneliness (alt)
3-8 –George Jones (2) Please Take The Devil Out Of Me
3-9 –George Jones (2) Giveaway Girl
3-10 –George Jones (2) Too Much Water
3-11 –George Jones (2) & Virginia Spurlock Flame In My Heart
3-12 –George Jones (2) No, No, Never
3-13 –George Jones (2) Don’t Do This To Me
3-14 –George Jones (2) Hearts In My Dreams
3-15 –George Jones (2) Tall Tall Trees
3-16 –George Jones (2) No Use To Cry
3-17 –George Jones (2) One Is A Lonely Number
3-18 –George Jones (2) That’s The Way I Feel
3-19 –George Jones (2) Frozen Heart
3-20 –George Jones (2) Never Been So Weary
3-21 –George Jones (2) Maybe Next Christmas
3-22 –George Jones (2) New Baby For Christmas
3-23 –George Jones (2) Wandering Soul
3-24 –George Jones (2) If You Want To Wear A Crown
3-25 –George Jones (2) Gotta Talk To Your Heart
3-26 –George Jones (2) Nothing Can Stop Me
3-27 –George Jones (2) I Always Wind Up Losing
3-28 –George Jones (2) Color Of The Blues
3-29 –George Jones (2) Eskimo Pie
3-30 –George Jones (2) Maybe Little Baby
3-31 –George Jones (2) Rain Rain (Rain Keeps Fallin’)
3-32 –George Jones (2) (I Believe) The Good Old Bible
3-33 –George Jones (2) We’ll Understand It (Farther Along)
4-1 –George Jones (2) I’m Gonna Burn Your Playhouse Down
4-2 –George Jones (2) Will The Circle Be Unbroken
4-3 –George Jones (2) Life To Go
4-4 –George Jones (2) Jesus Wants Me
4-5 –George Jones (2) My Lord Has Called Me
4-6 –George Jones (2) All By Yourself (Previously Unreleased)
4-7 –George Jones (2) Deep In The Heart Of A Fool (Previously Unreleased)
4-8 –George Jones (2) & Bobbie Ellison Last Night (Previously Unreleased)
4-9 –George Jones (2) & Bobbie Ellison Now Tell Me (take 1) (Previously Unreleased)
4-10 –George Jones (2) & Bobbie Ellison Now Tell Me (take 2) (Previously Unreleased)
4-11 –George Jones (2) & Bobbie Ellison Now Tell Me (take 3) (Previously Unreleased)
4-12 –George Jones (2) & Bobbie Ellison Now Tell Me (take 4) (Previously Unreleased)
4-13 –George Jones (2) Treasure Of Love
4-14 –George Jones (2) White Lightnin’
4-15 –George Jones (2) Long Time To Forget
4-16 –George Jones (2) If I Don’t Love You (Grits Ain’t Groceries)
4-17 –George Jones (2) Stay On Board (Previously Unreleased)
4-18 –George Jones (2) The Likes Of You
4-19 –George Jones (2) There’s Gonna Be One
4-20 –George Jones (2) Into My Arms Again
4-21 –George Jones (2) Who Shot Sam
4-22 –George Jones (2) Mr. Fool
4-23 –George Jones (2) Candy Hearts (undubbed)
4-24 –George Jones (2) Candy Hearts
4-25 –George Jones (2) Have Mercy On Me
4-26 –George Jones (2) If You Believe
4-27 –George Jones (2) Big Harlan Taylor
4-28 –George Jones (2) Someone Sweet To Love
4-29 –George Jones (2) Everything Ain’t Right
4-30 –George Jones (2) Relief Is Just A Swallow Away
4-31 –George Jones (2) Money To Burn
4-32 –George Jones (2) Time Lock
4-33 –George Jones (2) Talk To Me Lonesome Heart
5-1 –George Jones (2) Your Old Standby
5-2 –George Jones (2) Watcha Gonna Do
5-3 –George Jones (2) Accidentally On Purpose
5-4 –George Jones (2) Vitamins L-O-V-E
5-5 –George Jones (2) The Last Town I Painted
5-6 –George Jones (2) Revenooer Man
5-7 –George Jones (2) Sparkling Brown Eyes
5-8 –George Jones (2) The First One
5-9 –George Jones (2) You Better Treat Your Man Right
5-10 –George Jones (2) Out Of Control
5-11 –George Jones (2) Glad To Let Her Go
5-12 –George Jones (2) You’re Still On My Mind
5-13 –George Jones (2) Just Little Boy Blue
5-14 –George Jones (2) Tarnished Angel
5-15 –George Jones (2) Slave Lover
5-16 –George Jones (2) Why Baby Why
5-17 –George Jones (2) Poor Man’s Riches
5-18 –George Jones (2) Heartaches By The Number
5-19 –George Jones (2) I Love You Because
5-20 –George Jones (2) Oh Lonesome Me
5-21 –George Jones (2) (I’ll Be There) If You Ever Want Me
5-22 –George Jones (2) If You’ve Got The Money (I’ve Got The Time)
5-23 –George Jones (2) I Walk The Line
5-24 –George Jones (2) It’s Been So Long
5-25 –George Jones (2) Just One More
5-26 –George Jones (2) You Gotta Be My Baby
5-27 –George Jones (2) Life To Go
5-28 –George Jones (2) Settin’ The Woods On Fire
5-29 –George Jones (2) Window Shopping
5-30 –George Jones (2) Howlin’ At The Moon
5-31 –George Jones (2) There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight
5-32 –George Jones (2) Hey Good Lookin’
5-33 –George Jones (2) Half As Much
6-1 –George Jones (2) Nobody’s Lonesome For Me
6-2 –George Jones (2) Cold, Cold Heart
6-3 –George Jones (2) Why Don’t You Love Me
6-4 –George Jones (2) Honky Tonkin’
6-5 –George Jones (2) Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
6-6 –George Jones (2) I Can’t Help It
6-7 –George Jones (2) Family Bible
6-8 –George Jones (2) The Window Up Above
6-9 –George Jones (2) I Wouldn’t Know About That
6-10 –George Jones (2) With Half A Heart
6-11 –George Jones (2) Aching Breaking Heart
6-12 –George Jones (2) Battle Of Love
6-13 –George Jones (2) Tender Years
6-14 –George Jones (2) When My Heart Hurts No More
6-15 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Did I Ever Tell You
6-16 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Not Even Friends
6-17 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton I Want To Be Where You’re Gonna Be
6-18 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Waltz Of The Angels
6-19 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Are You Mine
6-20 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton One Excuse Is As Good As Another
6-21 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Yearning
6-22 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Looking Back To See
6-23 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton One By One
6-24 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton If You Don’t Somebody Else Will
6-25 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton When Two Worlds Collide
6-26 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Baby (You’ve Got What It Takes)
6-27 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton Talk About Lovin’
6-28 –George Jones (2) & Margie Singleton I Don’t Hear You
6-29 –George Jones (2) Why Baby Why (Edited Version)
6-30 –George Jones (2) Seasons Of My Heart (Remake)
6-31 –George Jones (2) Heartbreak Hotel (Long Edit)
6-32 –Arlie Duff Let Me Be Your Salty Dog (Previously Unreleased)
6-33 –Arlie Duff Back To The Country (Previously Unreleased)

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