Jones George - George Jones/In A Gospel Way/Memories Of Us/The Battle 2CD (CD)

Jones George - George Jones/In A Gospel Way/Memories Of Us/The Battle 2CD (CD)


Four George Jones albums from 1972, 1974, 1975 and 1976, originally recorded for Columbia. ‘George Jones’ was his first for Epic Records and the start of a near-twenty years association. One of the reasons Jones signed with Epic was to team up with Tammy Wynette’s producer Billy Sherrill. Sherrill and Jones had great commercial successes despite Jones’ alcoholism and drug problems during this period. Digitally remastered and slipcased, and with new notes.

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  1. We Can Make It
  2. I’ll Take You To My World
  3. Kiss An Angel Good Morning
  4. All The Praises
  5. She’s All I Got
  6. The Last Letter
  7. Loving You Could Never Be Better
  8. The King
  9. Try It, You’ll Like It
  10. One Of These Days
  11. Let’s Make History
  12. In A Gospel Way
  13. Why Me, Lord?
  14. A Man I Always Wanted To Meet
  15. The Baptism Of Jesse Taylor
  16. Release Me (From My Sin)
  17. Amazing Grace
  18. Mama’s Hands
  19. God Keeps The Wild Flowers Blooming
  20. Mama Was A Preacher Man
  21. I Wonder How John Felt (When He Baptized Jesus)
  22. I Can’t Find It Here

  1. Memories Of Us
  2. Touch Of Wilderness
  3. A Goodbye Joke
  4. What I Do Best
  5. She Should Belong To Me
  6. Have You Seen My Chicken
  7. She Once Made A Romeo Cry
  8. Bring On The Clowns
  9. Hit And Run
  10. I Just Don’t Give A Damn
  11. The Battle
  12. I Can’t Get Over What Lovin’ You Has Done
  13. Baby, There’s Nothing Like You
  14. You Always Look Your Best (Here In My Arms)
  15. The Nighttime (And My Baby)
  16. I’ll Come Back
  17. Wean Me
  18. Love Coming Down
  19. Billy Ray Wrote A Song
  20. I Still Sing The Old Songs

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