Harrison Wilbert - Kansas City – The Best Of (3CD) (CD)

Harrison Wilbert - Kansas City – The Best Of (3CD) (CD)


Almost 70 Tracks includes 30 Previously Unavailable Songs.

It s extremely unlikely that any other 1950s R&B artist blended quite as many disparate idiomatic influences into an instantly identifiable whole as Wilbert Harrison. Wilbert s skill on a variety of instruments was a key factor in his uncommon versatility. He played rolling piano on Kansas City and several of his followups for Bobby Robinson s Harlem-based Fury Records, but he was just as likely to utilize a guitar/harmonica combination that sometimes expanded into a one-man-band setup with the addition of hi-hat. Harrison wasn t afraid to incorporate instrumentation on his recordings that registered well outside the R&B mainstream. The end result still sounded like nobody but Wilbert as he made a slew of platters over the course of a recording career that spanned more than two decades.

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– Disc 1 –
1 Kansas City (Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller)
2 Listen, My Darling (Wilbert Harrison)
3 Cheating Baby (Wilbert Harrison/Bobby Robinson/Clarence Lewis)
4 Don’t Wreck My Life (Wilbert Harrison)
5 Good Bye Kansas City (Wilbert Harrison)
6 1960 (Wilbert Harrison)
7 C.C. Rider (Wilbert Harrison/Price)
8 Why Did You Leave (Bobby Charles)
9 Little School Girl (Wilbert Harrison)
10 Since I Fell for You (Buddy Johnson)
11 The Horse (Wilbert Harrison/Bobby Robinson/Clarence Lewis)
12 Da-De-Ya-Da (Anything for You) (Rose Marie McCoy/Charles Singleton)
13 Happy in Love (Wilbert Harrison)
14 Calypso Dance (Wilbert Harrison)
15 Drafted (Wilbert Harrison)
16 My Heart Is Yours (Wilbert Harrison)
17 Let’s Stick Together (Wilbert Harrison)
18 Kansas City Twist (Bobby Robinson)
19 A Woman Is Trouble (Wilbert Harrison)
20 It’s Been a Long Time (Wilbert Harrison)
21 Messed Around (And Fell in Love) (Naomi Neville)
22 My Love (Wilbert Harrison/Marshall Sehorn)
23 Pretty Little Women (Wilbert Harrison)
– Disc 2 –
1 Off to Work Again (Wilbert Harrison)
2 After Graduation (Wilbert Harrison)
3 Off to School Again (Wilbert Harrison)
4 Broke (Wilbert Harrison)
5 You Don’t Know (Wilbert Harrison)
6 Near to You (Wilbert Harrison)
7 Say It Again (Emmitt Davis/Sid Wyche)
8 (It Will Have to Do) Until the Real Thing Comes Along (Sammy Cahn/Saul Chaplin/L.E. Freeman/Mann Holiner/Alberta Nichols)
9 Sadness and Sorrow (Dale Davidson/Stan Randell)
10 New York World’s Fair (Wilbert Harrison)
11 Mama, Mama, Mama (J. Miller)
12 Poison Ivy (Mel London)
13 Please Forgive Me (Wilbert Harrison)
14 Baby Move on (David Parker)
15 You’re Still My Baby (Chuck Willis)
16 Sugar Lump (Wilbert Harrison)
17 Don’t Take It So Hard (Charles Singleton/Rose Marie McCoy)
18 Let’s Have Some Fun (Wilbert Harrison)
19 Clementine (Wilbert Harrison)
20 Sentimental Journey (Bud Green/Les Brown/Ben Homer)
21 From the Bottom of My Heart (Chuck Willis)
22 I Got to Know (Wilbert Harrison)
23 (Just Got to Have Some) Money Honey (Wilbert Harrison/Bobby Robinson)
24 Get It While You Can (Wilbert Harrison/Marshall Sehorn)
25 Amen (Wilbert Harrison/Marshall Sehorn)
– Disc 3 –
1 My Babe (Willie Dixon)
2 Ain’t That a Shame (Fats Domino/Dave Bartholomew)
3 Honest I Do (Jimmy Reed)
4 Going to the River (Fats Domino/Dave Bartholomew)
5 Girls on Parade (Wilbert Harrison)
6 When the Saints Go Marching in (Traditional)
7 Blueberry Hill (Al Lewis/Larry Stock/Vincent Rose)
8 You Can Make It If You Try (Ted Jarrett)
9 My Dream (Wilbert Harrison)
10 Cold, Cold Heart (Hank Williams)
11 I Really Love You (Wilbert Harrison)
12 I Don’t Know (Willie Mabon)
13 Mary Ann (Roaring Lion)
14 Sweet Baby (Wilbert Harrison)
15 Just Because (Lloyd Price)
16 On Top of Old Smokey (Traditional)
17 Loving Operator (Ronnie Arthurs)
18 Tell on Yourself (Wilbert Harrison)
19 Coming Down with Love (Wilbert Harrison)
20 Cheating Woman (Wilbert Harrison)
21 I Will Never Trust Another Woman (Wilbert Harrison)

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