Voodoo Swing - Keep On Rollin` (CD)

Voodoo Swing - Keep On Rollin` (CD)


Keep on Rollin’ : Voodoo Swing’s first Electric Lotus Label release, premieres this Summer of 2011 in Phoenix, AZ. Their new album features distinct Tear-it-Up Rockabilly, thrusted both by the combo’s virtuosity and their sponsors, Gretsch and Knucklehead Strings. Guest starring Bindi Modela’s vocals and the exceptional Wyatt Maxwell on lead guitar and lapsteel. Keep on Rollin’ is a tour-de-force that’ll be hard to match. We feel it is our best work to date, representing not only our tenacity and stubborn work ethic, but also those of dozens of other roots music bands, who persevere, ­and log thousands of miles on the”

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Video http://youtu.be/3yQYuaOV0iM
  • 1. Keep On Rollin`
  • 2. Hillbilly Rock`n`Roll
  • 3. Quit Jivin` Me
  • 4. Voodoo Continental
  • 5. West Coast Boogie
  • 6. 8 Minute Cigarette
  • 7. 18 Wheels
  • 8. Hittin` On All Eight!
  • 9. Stuck In Wells
  • 10. Ice Cold Connie
  • 11. Sweet Young Thing

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