Kirk Dylan - King of the Hop (CD)

Kirk Dylan - King of the Hop (CD)


On this CD you will find fantastic piano rock ’n’ roll that’ll move your hips. Dylan Kirk accompanied by the Berlin A-Team, offers here an excellent mix of originals and cover tracks. The album was recorded at Lightning Recorders in Berlin and has the typical Emerald Records sound with that 1957 Memphis feel.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi E-CD-215
Tuottaja Emerald Records
Vuosi 2022

1 Let The Good Times Roll
2 I Thought It Over
3 Don’t Fence Me In
4 Bad Case Of A Broken Heart
5 My Baby Left Me
6 Why Do You Treat Me So Cruel
7 King Of The Hop
8 Car Coat Beat
9 High Voltage
10 That’s All I Need
11 Stop
12 I’m Packin’

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