Diddley Bo - Koko Mojo Songwriter Series (CD)

Diddley Bo - Koko Mojo Songwriter Series (CD)


The ”diddley beat” is essentially the clave rhythm, one of the most common bell patterns found in sub-Saharan African music traditions, with a ” bom,bom, bom, bom, bom…” back-beat. The synoptic 5/4 rhythm pattern approach can be heard throughout his recordings and the pattern became synonymous with his style. The musical exploration takes in the years 1955 through to 1963.

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Mitat 14,2 × 12,5 × 1 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi KMCD-155
Tuottaja Koko Mojo Records
Vuosi 2022

01 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley (McDaniel) Checker 1955
02 Bo Diddley Pretty Thing (McDaniel) Checker 1955
03 Bo Diddley ‎ Who Do You Love? (McDaniel) Checker 1956
04 Bo Diddley and His Band Down Home Special (McDaniel) Checker 1956
05 Bo Diddley Mona (McDaniel) Checker 1957
06 Bo Diddley Dearest Darling (McDaniel) Checker 1958
07 Bo Diddley You Don’t Love Me (You Don’t Care) (McDaniel) Checker LP – Go Bo Diddley 1959
08 Bo Diddley Run Diddley Daddy (McDaniel) Checker LP – Have Guitar, Will Travel1960
09 Bo Diddley I Love You So (McDaniel) Checker LP – Have Guitar, Will Travel1960
10 Bo Diddley Dancing Girl (McDaniel) Checker LP – Have Guitar, Will Travel 1960
11 Bo Diddley Story Of Bo Diddley (McDaniel) Checker LP – In The Spotlight 1960
12 Bo Diddley Deed And Deed I Do (McDaniel) Checker LP – In The Spotlight 1960
13 Bo Diddley Bo Diddley Is Loose (McDaniel) Checker LP – Bo Diddley Is A… Lover 1961
14 Bo Diddley You All Green (McDaniel) Checker LP – Bo Diddley 1963
15 Little Walter and His Jukes Roller Coaster (McDaniel) Checker 1955
16 The Schoolboys directed by Marty Wilson Pearl (Polk, McDaniel) Okeh 1957
17 The Marquees Orchestrated by Joe Sherman Wyatt Earp (Palmer, Larsen, McDaniel) Okeh 1957
18 The Marquees Orchestrated by Ellas McDaniel Hey Little School Girl (Palmer, Ames, McDaniel) Okeh 1957
19 Billy Stewart Orchestrated by Ellas McDaniel Baby, You’re My Only Love (Stewart, Ames, McDaniel) Okeh 1957
20 Billy Stewart Orchestrated by Ellas McDaniel Billy’s Heartache (Stewart, Larson, McDaniel) Okeh 1957
21 Mickey and Sylvia Dearest (McDaniel, Polk, Gibson) Vik 1957
22 Don Stacey Say Man (McDaniel) Bell 1959
23 The Johnny Otis Show The New Bo Diddley (McDaniel) Eldo 1960
24 J.M. Van Eaton and The Untouchables Bo Diddley (McDaniel) Nita 1960
25 Bill Black’s Combo Hey Bo Diddley (McDaniel) London LP 1961
26 Johnny Kidd and The Pirates I Can Tell (Samuels, McDaniel) HMV 1962
27 Dale and Grace Love Is Strange (Smith) Montel LP 1963
28 Freddy Koenig with The Jades Road Runner (McDaniel) Lori 1963

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