Various - Ladies Choice: The Pen Of Swan Records (RSD) (CD)

Various - Ladies Choice: The Pen Of Swan Records (RSD) (CD)


Swan Records is more than just The Beatles and Link Wray; from the late ’50s through late ’60s they doled out a magnificent array of records which shaped the early Philadelphia sound. This record celebrates the female voices of the Swan roster.

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Mitat 14.2 × 12.5 × 1 cm
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Tuottaja Sundazed
Vuosi 2021

1. Patty Saturday – Ladies Choice
2. Ginger Davis And The Snaps – Laughin’
3. Ruth And Sherry – Nothin’ Much Tom Cat
4. The Sapphires – Where Is Johnny Now
5. The Tomboys – I’d Rather Fight Than Switch
6. Kathy Lynn And The Playboys – My Special Boy
7. The Swans – He’s Mine
8. Beverly Jones And The Prestons – Hear You Talking
9. The McKinleys – When He Comes Along
10. Audrey Slo – Gonna Find The Right Boy
11. Joy Dawn – Hang It Up
12. The Three Degrees – Bongos On The Beach

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