Lee Rocker - Live (Käytetty CD)

Lee Rocker - Live (Käytetty CD)


A legend, an icon or trend setting musician, Lee Rocker can claim all three titles. A founding member of the groundbreaking trio the Stray Cats, Rocker’s aggressive style of stand up bass playing earned him a spot in rock-n-roll history. Rocker’s hunger for playing rockabilly has never gone unnoticed by countless fans across the world, millions of albums sold, Grammy nominations and with his latest album LEE ROCKER – LIVE (J-Bird Records), Rockabilly-Americana has been injected with a new soul.

     From the beginning spin, a cover of the late Carl Perkins’ Restless” and ripping through classics tracks by Elvis, Hank Williams and Rocker’s own, Americana music has never sounded sweeter. And sweeter it is when dedications can be made to fallen heroes and friends as Rocker pays respect to his late friend Carl Perkins and to living legends Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana by dedicating the disc to them.

     In addition to Rocker’s rippin’ bass playing, his seasoned band consists of blastin’ Brophy Dale on guitar, tenacious Tara Novick on guitar and jammin’ Jimmy Sage on Drums.”

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  • 1. Restless
  • 2. Love me good
  • 3. Medley:That's all right/Blue moon of Kentucky/Eastbound and down
  • 4. Mind your own business
  • 5. The redneck mama
  • 6. Miracle in Memphis
  • 7. Everybody's tryin' to be my baby 8.Please don't touch
  • 9. Little piece of your love
  • 10. Little Buster

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