Liggins Jimmy - The Joe Liggins Collection 1944-57 (3CD Box) (CD)

Liggins Jimmy - The Joe Liggins Collection 1944-57 (3CD Box) (CD)


Joe Liggins was an R&B pianist, singer and bandleader, who was a prominent personality on the R&B scene and in the R&B charts in the decade following WWII, and who, along with artists like Amos Milburn helped develop the small-group jump blues style that came to the fore during that time. He scored his first hit in 1945 with his composition The Honeydripper, which was an R&B No. 1 and (along with Louis Jordans Choo Choo ChBoogie) jointly holds the record for the longest stay at the top of the Billboard R&B chart. That two-million seller launched his career and he racked up a dozen Top 10 hits over the next five years, with distinctive saxophones of Little Willie Jackson and James Jackson Jr..

This great value collection 77-track 3-CD collection selects from his singles releases for the Exclusive label between 1945 and 1950, and for Specialty from 1950 to 54, plus sides he made later for mercury and Aladdin. It comprises a significant proportion of his body of work during that time, with almost every release represented by at least one side, and many by both sides. Its an excellent and highly entertaining showcase for his sophisticated and stylish brand of R&B, and traces the way his, and the genres, music developed in what was a dynamic era of popular music in the decade before the rock n roll explosion.

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Disc: 1

  1. The Honeydripper, Pt. 1 (Joe Liggins)
  2. The Honeydripper, Pt.2 (Joe Liggins)
  3. Left A Good Deal In Mobile (Herb Jeffries With Joe Liggins' Honeydrippers)
  4. Got A Right To Cry (Joe Liggins)
  5. Blue Moods (Joe Liggins)
  6. I Know My Love Is True (Joe Liggins)
  7. Harlemesque (Joe Liggins)
  8. Lover's Lament (Joe Liggins)
  9. Miss Betty's Blues (Joe Liggins)
  10. Caravan (Joe Liggins)
  11. You Ain't Going To Heaven No How (Joe Liggins)
  12. Sugar Lump (Joe Liggins)
  13. Boddle-Do-Da-Deet (Joe Liggins)
  14. Breaking My Heart (Joe Liggins)
  15. Tanya (Joe Liggins)
  16. Dripper's Boogie, Pt.1 (Joe Liggins)
  17. T.W.A. (Joe Liggins)
  18. Last Night Blues (Joe Liggins)
  19. Someday Sweetheart (Joe Liggins)
  20. Yvette (Joe Liggins)
  21. Some Of These Days (Joe Liggins)
  22. Walkin' (Joe Liggins)
  23. Blow Mr. Jackson (Joe Liggins)
  24. Down Home Blues (Joe Liggins)
  25. Ten Toes (Joe Liggins)


Disc: 2

  1. Think Of Me (Joe Liggins)
  2. Little Willie (Joe Liggins)
  3. Sugar (Joe Liggins)
  4. You'll Miss Me Sure's You're Born (Joe Liggins)
  5. Life Don't Mean A Thing To Me (Joe Liggins)
  6. Siboney (Joe Liggins)
  7. Worried (Joe Liggins)
  8. How Come (Joe Liggins)
  9. Groovy Groove (Joe Liggins)
  10. Apple Of My Eye (Joe Liggins)
  11. Dripper's Blues (Joe Liggins)
  12. Sweet Georgia Brown (Joe Liggins)
  13. Roll 'Em (Joe Liggins)
  14. Sweet And Lovely (Joe Liggins)
  15. The Darktown Strutter's Ball (Joe Liggins)
  16. Don't Stop Loving Me (Joe Liggins)
  17. Key Jam (Joe Liggins)
  18. End Of A Kiss (Joe Liggins)
  19. He Knows How To Knock Me Out (Joe Liggins with Ju-Lee, vocal)
  20. Three O'clock Jump, Pt.1 (Joe Liggins)
  21. Miss You (Joe Liggins)
  22. Big Baritone (Joe Liggins)
  23. Ruth (Joe Liggins)
  24. Loosiana (Joe Liggins)
  25. Lonesome Guitar (Joe Liggins)
  26. Hey Mama (Joe Liggins)


Disc: 3

  1. What's The Reason You Don't Love Me (Joe Liggins)
  2. I Cover The Waterfront (Joe Liggins)
  3. Fascination (Joe Liggins)
  4. Rag Mop (Joe Liggins)
  5. Ramblin' Blues (Joe Liggins)
  6. Pink Champagne (Joe Liggins)
  7. Rhythm In The Barnyard Pt. 1 (Joe Liggins)
  8. Little Joe's Boogie (Joe Liggins)
  9. Daddy On My Mind (Joe Liggins with Candy Rivers, vocal)
  10. I Just Can't Help Myself (Joe Liggins)
  11. Frankie Lee (Joe Liggins)
  12. That's The One For Me (Joe Liggins)
  13. Bob Is The Guy (Joe Liggins with Candy Rivers, vocal)
  14. Whiskey, Gin And Wine (Joe Liggins)
  15. One Sweet Letter (Joe Liggins with Candy Rivers, vocal)
  16. Louisiana Woman (Joe Liggins)
  17. Trying To Lose The Blues (Joe Liggins)
  18. So Alone (Joe Liggins)
  19. Oh How I Miss You (Joe Liggins)
  20. Boogie Woogie Lou (Joe Liggins)
  21. Dripper's Boogie (Joe Liggins)
  22. Cryin' Over You (Joe Liggins)
  23. Tears On My Pillow (Joe Liggins)
  24. Whiskey, Women & Loaded Dice (Joe Liggins)
  25. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Joe Liggins)

  26. Go Ahead (Joe Liggins)

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