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Hawkins Screamin’ Jay - Little Demon EP (7 single/EP)


Although curiously absent from the nations best-seller lists, wild and wacky Screamin’ Jay and his signature ”I Put a Spell on You” is surely well-known to anybody moved by the rhythm and the blues and has sold well for the reanimated OKeh company. Here is a selection of alternative versions of his best, batty bellowings that have been recovered from the Columbia cutting-room carpet – including the infamous ”Spell”; listen closely…you got to be real cool to hear the words he says!

2 varastossa (voidaan jälkitoimittaa)

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Paino 0,1 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 18 × 18 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuotekoodi ET-15.158
Tuottaja El Toro Records
Vuosi 2023

Side 1
1 Little Demon (alternative take)
2 I Put A Spell on You (alternative take)

Side 2
1 Alligator Wine (alternative take)
2 There’s Something Wrong With You (alternative take)