Shadows of Knight - Live 1966 (CD)

Shadows of Knight - Live 1966 (CD)


Besides releasing two classic longplayers and many more singles (including the smash, ”Gloria”), touring/behaving badly all across America and appearing on TV shows like ’Upbeat’ and ’Where the Action Is’, the Shadows of Knight also ruled at suburban Chicago’s hands-down hippest teen club, the Cellar. Over the decades, their Cellar performances have become the stuff of legend. Miraculously, two reels of tape of the Shadows of Knight live on stage at the Cellar (in 1966!) were eventually uncovered by Sundazed. As early as their ’Gloria’ album debut in spring ’66, the Shadows of Knight had separated themselves from the garage band pack with a heavily Chicago Blues-based, wildly rocking repertoire. Their trademark sound is on full display in this attitude-drenched, anarchic live recording from late in that exalted year. For this expanded edition, the original sets and correct song sequence have been faithfully restored. And to top that, additional and until now completely unheard bonus material is rescued from those old reels. Specifically, added to an already scorching set are previously-unheard takes of ”Peepin’ and Hidin'” (sung by blues legend Joe Kelley), ”Willie Jean” (with a vocal from drummer Tom Schiffour) and ”Any Way That You Want Me”. Equally important, the packaging now equals the musical contents thanks to an all-new, eye grabbing sleeve highlighted by John Hora’s amazing original photography from ’66. Unlike their comparatively harnessed studio recordings, the Shadows of Knight are presented here raw ’n’ alive, sloppy bordering on brilliant and with all the subtlety of a bulldozer.

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1. Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
2. Don't Fight It
3. Got My Mojo Working
4. Any Way That You Want Me
5. Gospel Zone
6. Got to Get You Off My Mind
7. It Takes a Long Time Comin'
8. Hey Joe
9. Tomorrow's Gonna Be Another Day
10. Peepin' and Hidin'
11. Let It Rock
12. Willie Jean
13. Spoonful
14. Oh Yeah
15. Dark Side
16. Gloria

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