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Lewis Nigel & The Zorchmen - Live And Loud (Black)


Here’s one for The Crazies out there. Recorded at Bedlam way back in 2011 this album captures Nigel Lewis, Doyley & Ginger Meadham on top form and this could easily pass for the ‘Original Meteors’. Now that’s saying something!

A total assault on the ears, you get 19, yep 19 of the coolest tracks ever set to vinyl…My Daddy Is A Vampire, Cast Iron Arm, Brand New Gun, Final Kick, Radioactive Kid, Ride This Torpedo, Attack Of The Zorchmen and they just keep on coming….Check out that track listing.

A Diablo / Trash Wax joint release, This comes in coloured & black vinyl. Artwork by K-Rat (aka Gilles Chiff Chaff).

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Paino 0,3 kg (kilogramma)
Mitat 35 × 35 × 0,5 cm (senttimetri)
Tuottaja Trash Wax / Diablo
Vuosi 2022

A1 Step Into The Darkness
A2 Get Off My Cloud
A3 Another Half Hour Till Sunrise
A4 Blank Generation
A5 Brand New Gun
A6 Cast Iron Arm
A7 Daddy Is A Vampire
A8 Dog Eat Robot
A9 Don’t Fuck Around With Me
B1 The Fang
B2 Final Kick
B3 Good Man Down
B4 Radioactive Kid
B5 Teenagers From Out Space
B6 The Room
B7 Get Me To The World Time
B8 Ride This Torpedo
B9 Attack Of The Zorchmen
B10 Rockabilly Psychosis

Lewis Nigel & The Zorchmen